i can touch myself and i don't feel anything
it's like plastic like artificial to the touch and like nothing touching
me. it's weeks and i can't do it no i do it but
i don't feel it and then you say something and i ache.

tell me how you got inside of me before you ever were tell me
how you're still there now but only when you want to be
tell me why your profile is so sweet and so bitter after i swallow
tell me why i can't reach you and you won't touch me but i
want you so badly that when you go i almost manage to want
nothing at all just like you. we can be the same, if you want
if you leave then i'll leave too
except i'll maintain appearances that is, the appearance
of f*cking nothing of any f*cking value at all except to those
who don't give a flying f*ck about being inside me, the way you were
when you wanted to be.