Makes me laugh.

I had just moved 5 units over on the only space in front of their home portal where they had one unit. That same turn, they summoned a Fafnir and a Furliss, to go along with a Dragoneye Archer. My units were a Corwin, a Questing Knight, two Light Infantry and a Geomancer.

All of my other units were on the other side of the map. I took two turns to move the rest of my units into place to have a final assault and as soon as I could, I attacked. Anyone in their right mind, in my position, would not have attacked. A defending Fafnir with two back row units would have destroyed my 5 man army had I needlessly attacked. Instead, I assured my win. I didn't stall the game any longer than necessary, or sit there waiting for them to summon more units.

There is a difference between farming, and playing the game logically and making sure you won't lose a battle unnecessarily. Some people don't know the obvious difference between the two.