Day 29, Wonder

Today was special, I was going on the most fabulous date with the most fabulous man in the world. We had decided to go on vacation in the mountains where he grew up. He said there were many places he wanted to show me that he loved to visit when he was young. I had heard so many stories of this place since we first met and I was beyond excited to see these wonders of his childhood. Today he was planning on showing me the places he used to visit in the mountains themselves, the scenery was supposed to be out of this world gorgeous. It started off with him making breakfast, yet again something so great I was in awe. Then we began the hike to one of his favorite spots, and mine too from his stories.
As we begin the long trek, he begins retelling all of the stories and pointing out some of the spots where they happened. It feels so much more real this time, seeing the places, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells, its almost as if I'm living in his memories. He told me it would take an hour or two to reach our destination, but I didn't care, I had been preparing for this for the past month and was in shape to do this much hiking.
About an hour in we come across a meadow and stop for a short rest and water break. The sun is beginning to get higher in the sky and its starting to warm up so we remove our jackets while we rest. He tells more stories about how him and his friends had once tried to build forts in this meadow but they could never get them right and when the wind picked up, they would always fall back down so they moved back into the trees where the wind couldn't get them. I loved to hear these stories, my childhood was so boring in comparison that I almost felt bad. But listening to him, I felt relieved because at least someone had a great childhood still in this world.
Soon we began again, heading farther up the mountain side. I wasn't exactly sure what spot we were headed to, though I know it was his favorite. It came as a shock to me when we suddenly burst through the trees into the bright sunlight and he grabbed me. I looked back at him to see him smiling and pointing down at the ground in front of me, I nearly jumped out of my skin. We were standing on a cliff! I looked back at him scared and he nodded outward towards the other side. This was his favorite spot, and now I knew why.
As I looked out over the cliff's edge a breath-taking sight greeted me. There was a sea of dark green trees encircled by mountains. It looked as if someone had taken a round cookie cutter to the center of the mountains it was so perfect. In the center of the trees there was a large lake, so deep blue and clear I could see into it even where I was. The sky was so clear, not a cloud in sight with the sun almost to the center over where the lake was. This was beyond beautiful, it was magical. All I could do was stare at it with my mouth handing open as if I was some kind of idiot. I looked back at my husband and I saw it there too, the magical wonder of this place capturing him and me together. Nothing could ever beat this, nothing could ever even compare. And this was only the beginning of the day.