So, I've been absolutely in love with Blue Exorcist recently.
In the entirety of the weekend, I caught up with the manga and finished the anime.
Kinda sad, but whatever!
Anyway, I just want to get my reaction thoughts written down here about the end of the anime.
Frankly, the ending of the anime was a bit disappointing, though not as disappointing as the end of the Soul Eater anime.
First of all, I didn't really like the idea of Yukio inheriting the blue flames as well.
It just didn't sit well with me, though mostly because it messes with my theory for the manga. But then again, the manga and anime are completely separate, so I can understand why they took that route.
And of course there wasn't enough chapters to work with, so they wouldn't be able to follow the manga forever, so I can completely understand why the anime took the route it did.
However, in the final arc of the anime, there were things that just seemed weird.
In the part where they are sacrificing Rin's blood to the Gehanna Gate, they said it was because his blood would be purest for the gate and yet it didn't open until Yukio put in his blood for some reason. At the point when Yukio put his blood in, Rin had already coughed up buckets, so why wasn't that enough until Yukio put his in? I'm probably nitpicking, though.
Also, the story of their mother and Satan seemed very cliche to me. I could see from a mile away that their mother, Yuri, got Satan to fall in love with her, in some way. Though it was a surprise that the grandfather was going to have her killed.
Also, the part where Yukio and Rin are falling in the midst of trying to break the Gehanna gate. It made NO sense to me that when Yukio grabbed Rin's sword and when it unsheathed, it made YUKIO go into his demon form. That made no sense because the sword has Rin's powers sealed into it and not Yukio's. And at no point did they mention that Yukio's powers were sealed within the sword, so it doesn't make sense. And the whole fire bird thing they kinda turned into when they defeated the Gehanna Gate was kinda weird and random, too.
As unsatisfied I am with the end of the anime, I still loved the Blue Exorcist anime. The music was amazing as well as the animation, and I loved watching the 2nd fight between Amaimon and Rin in the forest. Awesome. I will definitely watch it again!
As for the manga, I have a theory about what might happen to Yukio. When he was fighting against that one demon during the Impure King arc (I forgot the demon's name), his eyes turned blue. That's probably where the animators go the idea to turn him into a demon in the anime, but I have a different theory. Shortly after this happens, Mephisto notes that he is not the only audience to the events that are taking place. Which leads me to my theory that Satan might have been the other audience and may have been looking through Yukio's eyes. If this is the case, then I theorize that due to being in the womb with Rin, who inherited Satan's flames, Yukio may have become a bit immune to the flames, possibly and may become the vessel for Satan. A flawed theory, yes, but I'm sticking by it!
Can't wait for more Blue Exorcist chapters to be released! emotion_yatta