Greetings Viewer!
:3 i like new people that view my profile; makes me want to keep redoing my about page to seem like i'm human.
So about me... well for starters i've been looking for new friends and i have facebook and tumblr for my own reasons i guess.
I like drawing and i like posting my pictures on Tumblr; and surfing the youtube's for videos and music.
So i've remade my profile for like; the forth time since i've been back here.
Hope i get a third new friend :3 so fare i've made two aquiantences and they seem cool; and busy with their lives; as much as i'm also busy with my drawings and my own life and my goals i'm setting up for my internet experiance.

Anyway~ hope you see where i'm getting at :3 Hope your evening/day is wonderful and talk to you soon.