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The Azure Knight's Journal
Well, as you can see by all of my entries, I am an Rp addict. One of the biggest if I do say so myself, so help me help you by commenting on my profiles, even recommending them to certain rps, drop a line (comment or PM) and recommend rps for me!!!
Elemental Guardians: The Wiccan's Rede
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Avatars of the Goddess, these four guardians together abide by the Rede: "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"
They are protectors, practitioners, scholars, and sages; they represent the Goddess and shall act in accord to her powers that be.

In the front lies Fire. A natural leader and practitioner of passion and change. Fire represents energy, inspiration, love, passion, and leadership. Represented by the burning of objects, love spells, baking, and lighting candles and fires, he may be summoned by these means should you wish to invoke the Will of the South.

Aside him lies Water. Wise in his ways, he dutifully practices in the ways of emotions and the subconscious mind. Water Represents emotions, absorption, subconscious, purification, eternal movement, wisdom, the soul, and the emotional aspects of love and femininity. Represented in rituals in the form pouring water over objects, brew making, healing spells, ritual bathing, and tossing objects into of water. Summoning the Wise of the West is as simple as a glass of water.

Look to the skies and you shall find Air. An intelligent being with an affinity for telepathy, his domain lies within the mind and knowledge. Air represents the mind and intelligence, communication, telepathy, psychic powers, inspiration, imagination, ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. In rituals, Air is represented in the forms of tossing objects into the wind, aromatherapy, songs, and hiding things in high places. Breathe deeply and tap into your mind, and you shall summon the Scholar of the East.

In the back we find Earth. He is the Defender, protector and first line of defense. Earth represents strength, abundance, stability, prosperity, wealth and femininity. In rituals, Earth is represented in the forms of burying objects in the earth, herbalism, and making images out of wood or stone. Invoking the Strength of the North is to invoke the ground you stand upon.

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