I think I shall make a few changes about myself, because why not? I find myself wasting entirely too much time when I can utilize it much more effectively then I am currently doing so. I also figure that I should rid myself of quite a few bad habits of mine that only seem to hold me back farther from my full potential of being the man I wish to become. I wish to become more then this waste of a person I currently am to bring value to myself and the one that I have come to care about during my existence in this temporal world. I know that this may prove to be quite the difficult feat to commit to, but I know from previous exploits of mine that I can achieve these commonly-sought-yet-rarely-achieved goals. I shall not let my heart be my limiter and excuse no longer. If it seeks to dampen my efforts, then I shall strengthen to be able to handle whatever I may face.

(The kind of things you post after having a few!! XD)