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Created poisons for roleplay Tier bottom of three
P1/Magenta colored powder causes the target or those who ingest this in many ways through air water or food to have involuntary and uncontrollable convulsions. May take up to five minuets to work.

A1/This light gray liquid antidote cures Poison number one or P1 it does not work right away may take five to ten minuets to kick it.

P2/This reddish berry colored powder is ingested by the user to fake death by slowing down vitals until their nearly non-existent to the point where no one can tell if the user is dead or alive. It takes effect a half hour after taking it to give time to get ready and into position so it doesn't seem suspicious.

A2/This sand colored liquid brings the person out of the death like state induced by P2

P3/This reddish powder can be used to torture someone, the poison attacks the brain making it the target think their bones are being crushed over and over. It takes two to three minuets to take effect

A3/This yellowish corn colored liquid relives the brain of the phantom pain although the pain might linger here and there

P4/This purple colored powder is mostly used for torture or to eliminate someone slowly with maximum pain possible. The poison causes the fluids in the body to hear up until they begin to boil, this process takes awhile and effects aren't immediately visible. Time to take for the target to die if not given the antidote is estimated to be a half hour or one to two hours depending on the target.

A4/This jade green colored liquid provides relief and cure to the purple poison although full recovery may take up to a week to a week and a half.

P5/ This is a light lavender colored powder that once makes contact with water turns into a toxic gas that disorients those in the area. Symptoms may include stomach pains, nausea, dizziness and black outs lastly diarehha If not given the antidote it should clear up two to four hours.

A5/This dark gray almost slate colored liquid provides relief in about a half hour to forty five minuets. Side effects may include yellowing of the skin around and on the face.


P6/This light light green powder makes the target or user, high, stoned, on cloud nine. This poison and it's effects were created on accident. But it can still be useful. Symptoms may include
-Slurred speech
-tripping over air
-feeling extremley tired.
-very thirsty
-laughs at anything
-pupils really small//big
-Unable to focus
-No short term memory for awhile
-Lack of coordination
If not given the antidote the poison may last anywhere between ten to fifteen minuets or five to six days.

A6/This antidote if taken may take up to a half hour to fully take effect but a few of the poisons may still remain, such as tired feeling, thirst trouble speaking and mobile skills.

P7/This blueish color may be more annoying then anything. But once it touches the skin or is ingested it makes the target incredibly itchy. If not treated it may last up to three or four hours in which time the target may cause themselves self injury by itching themselves. Careful when handling unless Antidote is present or is accustomed to it's substance.

A7/ This is one of the most fast acting antidotes in this small arsenal taking up to five minuets to begin working and around nine minuets to take full effect and relieve the target from the excessive itching. This will not heal the self inflicted injuries caused by scratching, seek further medical help if injuries are severe.


P8/This poison is more of a support supplement being a similar color to P7 but lighter it is not to be mixed up thankfully the top of the cap should be marked with P7 as well as the spot in the case under it. This powder is to be used on allies during a fray to raise their adrenaline to aid in a fight. If not given antidote within a hour it can cause heart complications such as arrhythmia or heart attack. It can also cause other problems like strokes, aneurysms and severe migraines, although the last is less problematic then the others.

A8/ This brown liquid although appears unappealing, it still tastes and smells horrid. Like a mixture of dirty socks and eggs left out in the summer sun. Although it is more beneficial to drink it and be done with it then the latter. It may take up to fifteen minuets to take full effect but will get you out of trouble of the possible complications within four to five minuets if not right away.


P9/This aqua colored powder can often be used to spike beverages or foods for it's odorless flavorless and once absorbed colorless. It takes only a few seconds to absorb even into the driest of foods. Like it's powdered color aqua it makes the targets brain think it's drowning and even may make the target convulse as if their gasping for air under the surface of a body of water. If not treated problems such as Arrhythmia or brain damage as if they actually experienced drowning. But death isn't possible.

A9/This lime green colored liquid relieves the target of his or her experience due to poison and symptoms clear up within ten to twenty minuets. The liquid tastes like lime and makes them feel as if they're laying in grass. Although this is only to calm them by stimulating their brains.


P10/ Much like a neuro-toxin it starts by attacking the targets motor and mobility skills and onto speech. Slowly it makes it's way through the system working it's way eventually to major organs until all function ceases. Progress of the poison is slow. You lose motor skills within two to five hours. Speech in the next three and it may take up to three days after that to finally die if not treated. A slow and incredibly painful way to die.
This poison is best spread through a open injury or in food or water. There isn't much effect if the powder is inhaled. But food and drink absorbs this forest green color powder fairly quickly although it changes the color of whatever it touches, but only slightly barley noticeable. This poison has little to no odor and if someone does smell it all they would smell it mint, which may be anywhere around them but may still be odd.

A10/ This is one of the slowest working antidotes which may take up to ten hours to fully work and destroy the poison in the targets body. Lasting damage may be sustained such as inability to walk or speak for up to two weeks. As well as damage to the organs and whatever else the poison has already damaged. This liquids color is a bright orange

P11/The poison is more of a hindrance and annoyance then anything. It takes about a day to actually take effect and can last anywhere from a few hours to three to six days, It's effects are as follows.
Nausea, moderate to severe migraines, dizziness, hallucination. moderate to severe sinus issues, cough, fever, rash, sore throat and watery eyes. Much like the cold or flu. The color of this powder is a dark purple

A11/ The color of this liquid is a olive green and it takes effect even slower then the poison. It may take up to a week to fully take effect but all symptoms should clear up bit by bit. You know what they say, things get worse before they get better.


P12/This turquoise colored powder is best transferred through foods drinks or even by mouth, lips can be laced with it for a efficient delivery system. This poison quickly causes paralysis in the target and may last up to three hours. But the time is hard to estimate each time and is not consistent every time.

A12/ This Navy blue colored gooey liquid looks quite unpleasant but the flavor is rather delightful and may taste like whomever tastes it favorite food or drink. But the texture is still gross.

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