Name: Captain Dmitriana "Demi" Sawyer (Formerly known as 'Major', also known as "Space Cadet" behind her back.)
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 137 lbs
Ethnicity: Mixed Caucasian

Profession: Captain of a small, independent salvage and trade ship known to brush up against the law from time-to-time to make a living.
-Appreciating and Bartering Trade Value
-Escaping Sticky Situations
-Extra-Vehicular Activity
-Zero-G Mobility
-Martial Disciplines
-Weapons Operation
-Very Large Weapons
Experience: A seasoned cosmonaut, but not so well experienced in the ways of running a business. Former SAO (Sector Authority Operative) in the Core Regions specializing in anti-material weapons, clandestine planetary operations, and 'defusing' unrest and dissent.
Affiliation: Assorted spacers and guns-for-hire. Formerly, Core Region Sector Authority.

-Off-Duty in the Core Regions
-Scouting Through the Rubble
-SAO Evacuation Drill
-Beaten-Up SAO Standard Issue CEVA-Suit (Combat Extra-Vehicular Activity Suit)
Although it has seen quite a bit of use since her time in the Core Regions (Second Image), Demi's CEVA still stands up to all of the rigors and punishments of life in Wild Space. It has survived numerous damages and repairs, and continues to serve the Captain well. Its deep orange color has since faded over time and it has been splashed numerous times by mechanical lubricants and grime-leaving it a sort of splotchy brown color. The suit itself appears to be little more then a baggy pilot's jumpsuit, but is actually comprised of several layers of materials that both protect the wearer from the elements as well as low-caliber projectile weapons. When used in conjunction with a sealed helmet, Zero-G harness, and an air supply, the CEVA functions just as any other space suit with the improved mobility of its non-encumbering design, or as a Hazardous Environmental Suit. Other features include some small pouches for tools, suit patching gear, emergency medical supplies, and ammunition as well as magnetic soles for getting around both inside and outside a space ship. Also included in the suit are several magnetic strips attached to the surface, often used as impromptu holsters or interfaces to hold more equipment on one's person. At one point her CEVA contained a holographic operations interface, but Demi has since pawned it and replaced it with a much cheaper and much more rugged computerized interface. All Sector Authority markings on the suit have long-since been removed or scrubbed off.

-Vajra VCP
Like most weapons equipment on board Demi's ship, her sidearm of choice is a Vajra Variable-Caliber Pistol. A rather compact handgun that is actually a high-output rail gun. It is a particularly common sight in Wild Space, due to the availability of spare parts and the compatibility with most other rail gun equipment-meaning that even when all of the fancy parts break down, the gun itself will continue to work perfectly. Hers was the standard blue, but the finish has since worn quite a bit, leaving patches of matte grey metal bare. It features a small LCD display reading how many shots are left in the magazine-however hers has been known to misread-and a targeting computer interface-which is also broken. She prefers the weapon at its most basic state without any of the computerized assistance and wears it on her hip at almost all times and often loaded with 20 round magazines of 4mm low-velocity slugs.

-Misrah Armories Wayfarer
A typical example of modern combat knife design, a five inch clip-point blade honed from lightweight ceramic built around a tungsten core and then wrapped in a one-piece, full-tang body of carbon fiber. From there scales constructed of compressed layered-polymer are bolted on for the grip. Demi wears her's in a leather sheath around her calf like a diving knife. A pair of dog tags strung through the base of the grip dangle from a small chain.

-Other Equipment;
--Vajra Red Ryder
Surprisingly, Demi is one of the few members on board the crew that prefers Vajra's original railgun to the newer M50 model. The simplicity in its design compared to most other railguns on the market attracts her eye, in addition to the numerous other qualities Vajra is known for-mainly aftermarket compatibility and ruggedness. The Red Ryder uses almost no moving parts, using a few gauss rings to load the 4mm projectiles from the 45 round magazine into the firing chamber. It features an adjustable stock and computer scope-the lens of which is somewhat cracked-and an LCD ammo counter. The primary functionality of the weapon has far outlasted its secondary features, but it still shoots straight and far. The main flaw most commonly cited in the Red Ryder model is merely its heat distribution issues, as sustained firing will burn out the rails after dumping two full magazines. However, this isn't much of a problem for Demi who prefers semi-automatic fire on target. She doesn't carry it with her all of the time, but likes to keep it handy when she knows things are going to get rough. Curiously, there are no serial numbers anywhere on the gun.
--Linear Motor Anti-Material Cannon
Something of a relic from Demi's time as a Sector Authority goon, this hunk of metal is actually quite a bit larger then its wielder. The rectangular barrel nears twice her height-and almost as thick as her arm-and the muzzle break is bigger then her fist. It operates on a large battery stored in the body of the weapon-where the real bulk of it is-and fires a 13mm discarding sabot, ferromagnetic, tungsten projectile fed manually into the breach. The sheer size of the weapon makes it seem preposterous to use in combat planet side, but during her time as an SAO she brought it with her on operations where a target had to taken out of commission with no room for error or entire buildings needed to be dealt with. She has since kept it, keeping it locked in a hard case on board the ship. Since The Arken has no on board weapons to speak of, when altercations arise in space Demi jumps into an EVA suit, takes the airlock out to the deck, tethers herself down, and becomes the ship's artillery-piece. Since the cannon acts so weightless in Zero-Gravity, it is much easier to maneuver and become a much more practical weapon. With it she can destroy or force a retreat from opposing spacecraft due to the intense amount of damage the over-sized projectile will cause. In atmosphere, even with the muzzle brake, the energy behind the projectile will cause a large spout of burning plasma to flash from the muzzle each time it is fired.

Bio: Demi was born in the Core Regions into a middle-class family bound by military tradition in a political realm of nobility, the eldest of what would become four children. Her father was an ambassadorial vassal and her mother was a high ranking Naval officer, while their other three daughters-triplets by the names of Mint, Maple, and Mocha-were always just a bit different from Demi. She apparently took after her mother, so that was the direction she ended up going-into the military. She enlisted in and officer's school for the Sector Authority from a rather young age and thanks to her family's service to the Core Regions political affairs, she had quite a few opportunities for advancement. She thought that she wanted to be close to home-to her family-so she decided to stay in the Core Regions, but soon learned that galactic politics were not quite as glamorous as they were depicted on TV. Demi soon became little more then a pawn in a system wrought with dirty little secrets and horrid coverups. Demi and her fellow SOAs were dispatched by politicians on numerous unofficial operations to assassinate politicians opposed to 'progress', create conflicts to distract the galactic populace, and ensure that those who spoke out against the Sector Authority and its sponsors kept their mouths shut. Somewhere along the line, Demi realized what she had been doing and one day had enough. In the middle of an operation to sabotage a space station crowded with refugees, disguising it as a terrorist attack, Demi set off the evacuation alarm and disappeared in the ensuing chaos. She fled to Wild Space and has never been seen in the Core Regions again since then. For the last couple years she has been working on getting a small salvage operation up-and-running, but has had plenty of trouble staying out of trouble. Despite her best efforts the seeds of reputation of started to grow. She's been known as a bit of an air-head, but make no mistake that she is a trained killer. Demi strongly prefers a non-violent approach to solving problems and is rather adverse to shooting someone, but isn't naive enough to rule out murder for the greater good.
Inclinations: Coffee, Waking up early, Real food (Non-Freeze Dried or Processed), Zero-Gravity, Negotiation, Adventure, Jazz
Aversions: Outward aggression, Sector Authority employees, Surly men and Promiscuous women, The ghosts of her past, Uneasy silences
Played By: Zera Ren