I've been wondering for a while now, while I was lost in my thoughts spaced out like an idiot but whatever. So I thought of how different this world is, and ho far we are from each living being.

We all have eyes and minds of our own, we can communicate, share feelings, and have great bonds. But then, the truth is, do you truly know them? as far a I can tell we can look at and object, but then the way we see it so completely different from each other and as we stare, or thoughts of all kinds speak differently than another.

We can love and hold great bonds with another thinking you know each other very well, but truth is, do you? im not saying its bad or anything, but what each person has behind their eyes lay a different life or world, something totally different than yours.

Life to a person is like a main character in a story book or an anime. In fact everyone has their own story, fate is the one reading it out and you act it out.
Humans are rather curious creatures, they are selfish, greedy,foolish, and blind, but they do have good sides. They can be gentle, kind, loving, worry warts, and smart. but these features make humans, HUMANS, unique as it is and all animals and bugs are the same SEE then you wonder how life is like for an ant or cat/dog. but then again they see and think differently than we do no matter how close they are.

Everyone and everything is truly a mystery but its kind of fascinating when you try to think how their life world be like.

In short; Behind ones eyes lay a world one cant see or understand, no matter how close beings may be, the way we seek this world is different than most.

The question is:
What do you seek behind your eyes?