So Today Around 5 P.M. I Was Playing Zomg With My Cousin Mark And He Introduced Me To His "Gaia Family" I Dont Know If All Gaia Families Are Weird But This Family Just Broke The Scale Or Weirdness o.o It's A Long Story So I Wont Go Into Detail And Mostly Because Its A Bit Unrated. So We Were Just Playing Zomg Just The Two Of Us, Then He Invited Some People And We All Talked About Our Life And The Two Girls In The Crew Were Saying They Were Ugly And That They Wanted To Kill There Self (It Got Really Deep) So Me And Mark Cheered Them Up (They Weren't Even Ugly, They Look Pretty) So Then After A While Mark Said We Were Going To Join His Friends Lobby, We Did. First It Started Off As A 3 Person Crew, Then The Lobby Just Started Flooding With People From His Gaia Family. It Got Really Awkward (Mostly Cause I Was Lost Half The Time And I Was The Only One Not Part Of The Family) But They Were Cool, Nice People (LOL Im Not Going Into Detail With This Half Of The Story)