I didn't realize that it's almost been an entire year since I've updated my journal. Nuts!

A ton of things have happened, some good and some bad.

I'm now the manager of my own tobacco shop. Yay!

My dad got arrested, so my new manager's salary is taking the place of his income. Pooh.

I graduated with my AA in Computer Science and Technology. Go me!

Oh, and I broke my ankle a few weeks back. I did a whopper of a job, too, lemme tell ya.

I was at a friend's house waiting on her dog to have puppies. We studded our dog with hers, I wanted to see my baby be born, damn it.

So, at about 1AM, I walked back into the house from the back kennel to get something to eat. Glazed doughnut in hand, I went back outside. I stepped off of the porch and into a hole that was about a foot and a half deep.

I hit the ground, heard a snap, stumbled, and then fell on my face.

My first instinct was to scream. While my boyfriend came and held my ankle in the air to manage swelling, my friend had to go stop her dog from coming after me. I wasn't afraid of Lucy by any means; Lucy wasn't going to attack me, she wanted to see if I was alright. Lucy Loo is my little buddy.

After about ten minutes, the ambulance arrived. I didn't get just any ambulance, I got an ambulance with five paramedics. Five. And a cop. I had to explain to the officer that no, I was not drunk, I was just hungry and very unlucky.

So they get me into the ambulance, and I have a panic attack because of the neck brace. I had to quickly sign a waiver before they would take the damn thing off of me. I was so nervous, I puked. Several times.

I wish I could say that was the end of the embarrassing bodily functions, but it wasn't.

I ended being sick so much before we arrived at the hospital. Once when they removed my shoe and the pressure was suddenly off of the foot and it hurt like hell.

Again when they cut off my anklets that I haven't removed in fifteen years.

Once when a paramedic brought out the IV that he was going to stick me with.

After the IV went in, things went a bit more swimmingly. They gave me something for my anxiety and something for my pain.

The rest of the trip was rather uneventful. I spent six hours in the ER before they set my ankle because I was the least severe case in there.

The x-rays showed I fractured it in two places, broke it in one, and ripped my tendons to shreds.

I got to have surgery the following morning.

I've been home two weeks on this coming Tuesday, and I really miss the hospital.

The staff was awesome, I got bathed every night, and I had a paper fairy that would bring me a copy of The Palm Beach Post every morning before I woke up.

I really miss the night crew. Miss Coy Coy was so cool!

Most of all, I miss the Dilaudid. Hospital heroin, it is called apparently. My limbs felt heavy, I felt warm all over, and I got the best damn sleep of my life.

I go in Monday for a real cast, so hopefully I'll have some friends that will draw cool things all over it smile

And, since I can't work for the next six weeks, you bet your a** I'm going to be on here all of the time. I've missed Gaia!