remember the day you, me, and amy did the karaoke on the cruise? i admit i butchered "black and white" and "beautiful soul." mj's was just for kicks and giggles. but beautiful soul was really because you were there. at that point of the cruise, the song seemed appropriate because there'd b times that i couldnt stop staring at you (longer that 5 seconds). after you sang the eye of the tiger i cant stop listening to it w/o hearing your voice anymore.
you may not remember the cruise at all, but im weird. i like remembering events worth reflecting on, what deserves to be remembered. i confuse my friends often when i recall things they dont remember
i remember how much fun you had when we did anything, especially during karaoke. i felt that you were passionate about it. you were good, really good, no lie. i hope that you are still passionate about music today as i last remembered.
do you still love music, or are you involved with music in anyway now? i wonder, but i still hope you are happy w/whatever your passionate in.

i wish you well
- Wtphu

PS. i love you