name not this angel let her wings only wrap around me so i shelter myself from the true darkness and perhaps ill learn to love mysefl.. another contradicitoon another side a personality behind my eyes. im a mess. she illuminates the caves i dwell with her halop and makes me safest when i talk with her soothing voice and her feathers coiil this fraglie body and remind me of a journey dreams lost long ago and a smile that was stolen as i save more souls and people and do what i am required by the sake of my compassion my guilt levels erupt and i wish nothing more then to cure the problems ive gotten involved in no matter the cost to myself she has always supported me even though in past she rejected me and at pone point took her dagger and laid claim to my heart with a voile thrust into the center but she since has mended the wound and i wish her the best

angel u know who u are please look upon this and smile if not then cry just dont stand moitionless in the murky grey and leave me alone in the tear drenched robes that cling to my body