I was at my friend's house and two other friends I know but don't see often were also there. They were sitting on a purple couch. I cannot recall what was going on, but I do remember lying down in a fetal position on the right side of the couch. I somehow ended up on something like a bunk bed.

The bunk bed was a bit unusual because my bed was now on top of a fake chimney. My friend was across from me and was on top of a building. I was kind of concerned about falling off my bed and noticed there weren't any rails, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to sleep, else I might fall.

I knew this wasn't a real chimney because I saw the wall and there were numbers. I was either 240 or 250 feet high from the ground, I don't remember. I got onto the building and my friend was setting something up for Little Big Planet. He was adding a sniper rifle to a weapon he had.

He zoomed in and aimed at some cardboard and fired a bullet, leaving a bullet hole as a result. Then he went to do something else and I saw some fake man standing on the building. I took the sniper weapon, but it seemed to now be a shotgun. I aimed it at the man, but my friend told me not to shoot at him.

So I ended up back onto the chimney somehow and still didn't want to sleep. It seemed my friend and my brother were asleep, though. So I was going to get down from the building, but I woke my friend up. I asked him if it was all right if I slept on the ground.

I told my friend he had a couch and he remembered that he did, so he let me get to the ground. I dropped my blanket first and then went down. My friend was then down there and he threw the couch toward me. It was much smaller than before, but I rationalized that I would be able to sleep on it because I had done so before.

The lights were still on and my friend began to leave the room, which was now my sister's room. Then I woke up.

I was outside where I normally jog. It was morning and I was with my brother. I walked down the road and along the way someone, a friend named Shann, followed me. He and I talked about something, but he went ahead and I began to walk back with my brother. I began to complain with him about how hot it had become.

I then transitioned to some place with this building. I entered through some glass doors and walked in the lobby or something and saw a friend named Olin. I began to talk to him and asked him if he had ever had stout and he said that he did. I told him that I tried some chocolate stout and that he should try it, too.

For some reason I was carrying around a glass of red wine with me. Some woman at the counter noticed me carrying the glass and I told her I'd leave the lobby so I wouldn't spill any wine on anything. So I was standing by the doorway now and for some reason I was lying down.

I heard my brother and Olin talking about me. I had my eyes closed and acted like I was asleep. They wanted to see what I'd do with some money if I found it. Olin thought I'd keep the money for myself, so I wanted to prove him wrong. Once I acted like I woke up, I had some strawberry object like the strawberry emoticon on Gaia found in Yummies.

I took it to "return" it to a lost and found while I had my blanket wrapped around me and stood in line. Then my brother was saying that he should get his money back, since it wasn't the cashier's money. He told me that it was his, but I had accidentally dropped the strawberry and it shattered to pieces.

I began to pick up the pieces, which should not have been much for such a tiny object. I didn't collect all the pieces, but I got the important stuff and I was led away from the place. Then I woke up.