Piers! Piers!
I wake, laying on my stomach. I see Chris on my right, who places a hand on my shoulder as soon as he sees that I'm awake,"Are you alright?"
Ive been throw into a tv monitor from an explosion. I've blacked out for I don't know how long, and he's asking me if I'm alright....I don't think alright's the word but sure....
"Yes, Captain."
That's all I can get out. I'm breathing heavier than usual and sound weak. I obviously didn't convince anyone. He nods,"Just lay down and rest. Sherry's going to help."
"No, she has to get the codes."
Chris shakes his head,"Leon's watching the computers. The download is almost complete."
I slightly nod, but stop quickly because I suddenly feel the pain. My head is throbbing and my back has glass in it. I take a deep breath as Sherry starts to work. She begins by taking the glass out of my back. She brought a backpack filled with first aid supplies. I wince every time she takes a price of glass out of me. She then moves to my head,"You may have a concussion. I don't think you have any permanent damage though, and aside from some glass in your hair, you didn't get any in your head."
That's a relief. This all could have been worse.