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CYS part 25
They celebrated Shermie's birthday with a small party. After celebrating, Yashiro remembered one last thing to do, and it is the gift that sounded like a waste for him.
Yashiro: We've got last thing to do.
Shermie: What's it?
Yashiro: Just close your eyes...and I'll show you the way.
Shermie closed her eyes, then Yashiro putted his hands on her shoulders to show her the way, while Chris will be the one to open the door. At first, Yashiro was confused if Shermie's eyes are closed, since her bangs is covering her eyes. After few steps, they went to the room where Shermie keeps her hamsters, and they're inside the new cage. Chris shouted cheerfully "Surprise!". Shermie opened her eyes, crossed her fingers together and saw her hamsters inside the new cage, bigger than the old one. Shermie liked the cage and was pleased.
Shermie: It's nice! How much did it cost?
Yashiro: Well...it didn't cost much at all.
Yashiro scratched the back of his head while looking at the cage in desperation, then Shermie found out that he is hiding something but couldn't tell what it is, then she smiled, trying to find out why, and sat next to Yashiro on the sofa in the living room.
Shermie: You're hiding something, aren't you?
Yashiro: Nah, nothing at all...
Shermie: I can see that~!
Yashiro: Just ignore it. It's just bad memories about what happened before.
Shermie: Hmm...What happened?
Yashiro stood up, stretched himself and yawned, then walked his way to the bedroom.
Yashiro: You'll remember soon! It's not really far to forget about it. The talisman, remember?
Shermie: Umm, no?
Yashiro: Well, good night.
Chris and Shermie looked at each other, looking for a clue at what Yashiro was talking about. Then Chris remembered a bit of what happened, then snapped his finger.
Chris: Ah! Now I remember!
Shermie: What is it?
Chris: Remember that QOF tournament? The prize was a talisman that will grant any wish!
Shermie: Hmm the boss of the tournament was....Miss X or Iori?
Chris: It's actually Iori, but dressed in a female clothes to hide his true identity, then he named himself 'Miss X', if you know what I mean.
Shermie: Now I remember! Well, I was stuck thinking about my hamster's babies...then I thought about getting a new cage, that's it.
Chris: And Yashiro was thinking about releasing Orochi at the first time, but I think you broke his wish. Heheh.
Shermie: Mmm let's sleep already. I'm tired.
They prepared themselves and went to bed, in the late midnight.
The next day came. After Shermie's birthday, it's Valentine's day, where everything will be decorated in pink and red colors, and comes a full moon at night. They were more of being quiet that day, until Chris thought of something that might be entertaining for Yashiro and Shermie, then he sneaked to Yashiro in the yard.
Chris: ....Happy Valentine's day!!
Yashiro was in a deep thought until he got frightened by Chris and turned to look at him.
Yashiro: Geez, you scared me!
Chris: I thought you're going to prepare a surprise for Shermie.
Yashiro: I have no idea now. Just go back to what you were doing before!
Chris stood in his place, without moving and thought about another idea.

To be continued

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