Okay so my mother saved me.
But she was also the CAUSE of it.

Let me explain.

I was having this dream, and i knew it was bad the moment i saw my father. But he was acting really really nice, (weird) and he hugged me, (even weirder) then he kissed me and told me he loved me. (this is friggin one-eye-baby-with-eight-arms weird)

Then he went and acted like himself for a while, pushed me out of a moving car, laughed with luci, made me push the truck into the parking space... (this *is* something that's happened before)

But then he got all serious and told me it was time to meet up with mom. We packed the stuff in the car, and dream me got really confused. (this is when things snapped. He was wearing his ring, and luci was mute. I knew it was a nightmare, and was trying to fight out of it.)

Then all of a sudden they drove off, and Alan was there. I was felling better, (because, you know, he was there.) but then he wouldn't say ANYTHING to me, and wouldn't even look at me. Then i turned around because i heard my sisters dog barking, and she appeared, chasing him. I started to chase him too, and soon we ended up in this place that... I feel like it was Germany... or England...Either way, it looked twisted and warped. Fog everywhere, people looked like they were dying, and i could just *smell* the horror. (which is weird, because its a dream... right?)

Well anyways, luci and i are chasing the dog, and we run past my mom, and my dad sitting in those plastic lawn chairs, (you know, the ones with the stupid legs that break) holding hands, and smiling like the Cheshire cat. I come over, and there's a force that pushes me onto them and makes me hug them, and beg them for mercy. (the words weren't coming from my own mouth. it sounded far off, and really really scared.) And my mother turned her head slowly and went "it has to be done my love. You are an ugly, obedient child, and i'll never respect you, or see you as anything but a lying, cheating WHORE." (and as she said 'whore' she smiled even wider, and put her jacket on, and her scarf over her head that i bought her when i was seven, (which was *supposed* to be lost in the big fire) and grabbed luci hand in one, and mine in the other and walked us to this big gate that had this kind of rabbit hole.

Well we go in, and i see some of my class members. This guy I've been cool with lately, (elija, or some s**t. I still don't know, or care how to spell it) and this other guy. elija is skateboarding, and he hugs me and we talk for a while, then everything gets dark, and he says "so it starts. You ready, boo?" (he always calls me a pet name. Gahh.) and he runs/skates ahead into the fog, (which appeared again) with that other guy.

Well as we walk, my mom lets go of my hand, and tells me about the history of the town that we are walking through. Lots of very successful people came from it. About the stones that most of the homes are made of, how it came to be, what they ate. And i loosened up a bit. (partially because u thought the worst was over.Partially because when my mother goes on her lectures, it makes me feel really good) and then we go down this ally.

At first, we see a bunch of people. Tourists, people from my school, but we saw a *lot* of my family members.

Then they all...Dispersed. Like alan did.. Like my father did...

I called out to elija, and then i saw him RUNNING into the direction we just came, shouting a bunch of profanities and his friend on his heels.

In the back of my mind i went, "pussies" And chuckled.

But then luci talks for the first time and says "how much farther?"
And my mom says "Change of plans" and grabs our hands again, SPRINTING down the way the guys just ran from.

We go down this other ally and everything is silent. Its murky, dank, and the fog is still there. But it seemed thicker. I looked at my cellphone and it told me it was one in the afternoon. Then it shut off. Permanently.

After a while of running and walking, my mother stops. And we see these rows of houses. Behind each one is a small, black and white T.V. a padded chair that looks worn from weather, and a newspaper. Comic sections.

(anyone scared should leave now. it gets worse.)

And then my mother starts.

"Long ago, there was this girl. She was mistreated and misunderstood by everyone. She had long, black hair and pale skin, but red red eyes. She spoke to no one but the trees, and would draw and read all day. One day, she couldn't take it anymore, so she SNAPPED. Killing herself.
"But that didn't end anything. It started something horrible. She would rise up from the deepest depths of hell and sneak into peoples houses, killing them out of sheer fear with what they feared the most. Crawling on their ceiling s and eating their new infants with a smile in her face and the most demented laugh she could muster..."

My mothers eyes went blank as she stared into the fog.

"C-Change of plans.." she said again, struggling to breath.

Since i didn't have my glasses, i couldn't see that far. But then she pulled us, running, towards the direction of the gates. All the T.V's we an past were telling the same story she was.

Then we got to the gate. But all of a sudden, my mother turns around and shoves us back, locking the gate behind her. That weird smile she had before appears again. She made the heart sign with her hands and blew us a kiss, saying she loved us over and over again. I turn, and see a group or people, and elija again, and we talk some more. I called him a p***y, and punched his arm, he called me a flirt, winked, then dispersed.

Everyone did.

Then luci turned to the gate and said "You promised! I just wanted to see! IT WAS JUST GOING TO BE HER, REMEMBER?!"

We hear this dragging sound, and turn around slowly. We see the girl and.. She looked like me... She looked sickly. As she walked, she'd look at the T.V's for a while and chuckle at each on, then pull at the handles at the door it belonged to, then grunt with disatification.

She turned to look at us.

I didn't understand, I COULDN'T understand. I just stood there.

Why was alan ignoring me? Why did my father tell me he loved me? Why did my mother call me those things? Why did i see sparky, and not.. Taco...?

She was getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes for a split second, and she was right in my face. Hair sogging wet and dripping, breath stank and smelly, nails chipped and black, to match her teeth,and just a sheet to cover her body, which was covered in bruises and cuts and.. It was rotting a bit. Thats what else i was smelling..

She says "Make the choice now. One stays for the.. Fun.. And one gets to go."

I look at her and say "Take her, and let me be free."

She smiles and nods, shoving luci through the fence, and she runs to freedom, sparky showing up again, and running with her.

Then she turns to me and gets closer... Closer... Closer...
Theres a baby cry in the distance, and then...

I wake up.
My mom yelling at me. "Get up. Get dressed. One hour. Don't go back to sleep, or you risk Saturday."

Right before i woke up though.. I felt bliss..
The death.. It was inevitable.. But.. I can't shake it...

Dreams/Nightmares are supposed to vanish once you wake up. But this is burned into my brain...

I need a drink.

DtYh DtYh DtYh DtYh