I got a letter for my email address on a last week , I was thinking what I shall make how on him because I received much one like this already there the letter.

" First a little story my life , I call nothing by its name of course because he may not be.
I gave a thought to it that the latter one two three years I write it down tersely because I want to bore nobody.
There were three eating my good workplace yet in a depository I worked with a good company between good circumstances , but the economic crisis attained it unfortunately afterwards and the workplace ceased. I did not find a workplace after this until quite a few months , but I managed to find looking yet with a persistent search then , this place ceased unfortunately. Now already very heavy to find anything...
I don't want to there is much one like this drawn to bore nobody very well i know, they do not do something about it only as I rehearse it.
I have many ideas myself do not consider what I would like to accomplish an idiotic child , but to everything there is need for money , I do not know it about the zero to start.
I ask everybody's help for this who can and wants that send for me 1 USD. I know that cheeky request this , but may be for something else that this it's nothing, but I add everything together then it for me already something.
I can launch an own undertaking from which I can create the safety for myself. I do not want to live well , take it easy. There is paypal for everybody so almost already that I grant it my paypal the name of my drawer air2000@citromail.hu

thank you, beautiful day "

I received much one like this already , but all of them were begging only in somebody else name in other firms' name what I knew that it will land on a man's pocket. I liked his raw sincerity so that I sent it to him 1 USD dared for me not much but maybe that for him yes, indeed I carried out product development longer and I prepared a community side for him.

If he does not can for him to send let him divide it then or let him send it to his acquaintances , not much time.
I hope so does not take offence h I carried out product development longer... smile
paypal : air2000@citromail.hu