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DESU NA NO NI DESU~ (Something for you Japanese majors to get a headache from)
Only me, messing with my characters (and using a few of my friends if possible) to move along stories from their perspective.
13-Lords: Dogs, Hounds and Wolves
In the dark room he sat, his legs crossed behind his desk. others could've been in the room, but they remained unseen. He wore not his armor- only the hunters were allowed this far in, and only the suicidal tried to enter this far into the Hunter's fortress.
A door opened violently across from him, and the sudden light struck his chest, keeping his face in the shadows.
Three figures came through the doorway, three men- two hunters and a 'pup', a base level, unproven hunter. It was rare that one of them would step out of line enough that he had to deal with it... but sometimes there needed to be an example made to keep the rebellious in line.
The door slammed shut behind the three, the lack of light blinding only the pup. A hunter blinded by something so small wasnt even worth the title, much less the time required to help them.
The two dragged the pup bodily, and threw him before the desk before melting into the shadows.
"P-please..." he- it whimpered.
"Calm down now," he said with a calm he didnt feel. "They didnt take your weapons, they didnt hit you. You, who felt that you had the right to flaunt our name for your enjoyment." the sound of his voice made the pup visibly cringe. "Oh yes, I know about that. I know about everything Cris."
"Shut up." he ordered with a quiet voice. The pup immediately quieted. "Cris, what ranks are you?"
"Im... an initiate sir...."
"Dont make me repeat myself."
"Im a pup sir..."
He took a deep breath. "That's right Cris, you're a pup. And as a pup, what rules do you follow?"
"Im sorry, sir, please-"
"What. Rules."
With a shuddering breath he began to recite. "Do no harm, Obey your Master and Leash, Care for your fangs and claws, and care for the Pack."
"How interesting, you do know them. Do you know that I had a visit today from someone who swears you broke these rules?"
"Sir I-"
"In fact, this person claims that not only did you break them, you accepted payment for doing this. Did you know that? If I remember correctly, Pups arent allowed even to accompany Wolves on missions, much less accept one on behalf of our entire organization." He stood up then, and walked to the front of his desk.
"Now, I know who commissioned the job. I know what the job is, and I even know every dirty detail that occurred. Do you know how I know this?"
"Please dont kill me...."
"I asked you a question."
"N-no sir."
He reached over and clicked on the light in the center of the room. The pup squinted at the sudden bright light.
"He told me."
In front of the pup was a broken body in a chair. The fingers were crushed, the legs torn to shreds. The main part of the body was covered in bruises and the ribs poked ever so slightly through the skin. The body lacked nails. Cris wet himself freely on the floor.
He sighed, shaking his head. "I was sure you were housetrained already. Who is this, Cris?"
"Kroitis Machallian... the son of the Chancellor."
"Former Chancellor. Now, why does this filthy sack of sh*t have anything to do with one of our pups. Do you know Cris? Never mind, dont answer that. I have another who can answer it better." He kicked the chair. "Isnt that right?"
The thing in the chair screamed. Blood dripped from all of his, its wounds.
"Please, let me die!"
"Oh no, not yet little birdy...." he murmured caringly to the thing in the chair. "You're going to sing for me for a very. long. time. Now, how does this pup know you." he gave the chair another kick.
"I hired him! Please!"
He glanced at Cris. "Do you like it? Its very difficult to keep them alive at this point-one accident and they never sing again. I have a talent for making songbirds like this. Eventually his wounds will heal like this, and they'll never fix. When that happens, do you know what I'll do to him?"
Backing away in fear, Cris shook his head.
"I'll leave him on her doorstep, with a pretty bow. You see, I know her."
He could see that the pup would bolt. They had such weak wills before they were broken. Such pride, but such weak wills.
"Dont fret- Pups dont know any better, thats why they're pups. I wont kill you, or even turn you into a pretty bird. In fact, I wont do a thing to you. I've never culled a pup, not for making a mess on the pride of our wolves..."
It gave him a dark happiness to see the hope coming in his eyes. He though t he was going to get out of this without a single scratch.
"But I do believe in a man keeping his word."
With a small gesture, he called the Wolves hiding in the room into the light.
"Now Cris, its not often I get someone who likes my turn of phrase- and if not for the situation, I'd even be flattered. However, you did make a promise."
"I believe you told young Jen that 'Everyone gets a free sample'. These ladies here are going to take theirs." He walked over to the door, opened it and stopped. "Oh, yes. Ladies? After you're done castrating him, bottle it and toss him in the kennels- and please watch the blood, getting both urine and blood out would be such a chore."
As he shut the door he smiled.
Later it was said that the scream that had emanated from that office had been heard across town, and that a certain young woman had been happier than any had seen her in months.

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