Here's another journal entry for you all. I don't quite know what to write, to be honest, but that's how most of my stories begin. I have just the feeblest hint of a story plot in my mind when I begin writing, and I just let my fingers do the rest. So I assume that same can be done with journal entries. If I happen to be wrong, then this will be nothing but a good work out for my fingers, they could use it. They've gotten pretty lazy ever since I've began using Skype. I've grown addicted to the calling feature, and being able to chat instead of type. It just makes things so much easier for me, especially when I want to play a game or something. That way, I can play and talk, it's a win-win situation. And I've met some really great people on Skype, people that make me laugh and smile. I make them laugh and smile too. It's a truly blissful feeling to actually hear people laugh because of the things you say. I try to be funny most of the time, I like adding a sprinkle of humor to the mundane thing we call life. When I make a joke on the computer, I like to think people laugh, but emotes truly are only emotes, so you can never truly tell whether or not a real chuckle was produced, and that 'lol' was faked. That's not a problem on Skype. I hear them laugh, I hear them chuckle and giggle. It's a great feeling, no, a superb feeling to actually hear that. I get a nice dose of confidence every time one of them laughs, I feel more like my old strong self with every joke. They're helping me rebuild the Great Wall of Confidence that was broken down back in the War of Love. A devastating battle, many lives were lost, and countless wives became widows. Dogs had to become the providers since the corpses of men couldn't work, and now that little country feeds solely on kibble and dog treats, with the occasional bone and squirrel, if they're lucky. Anyway, it's good to feel confident again, it's good to actually feel strong again (Though the wives won't touch the bones for fear that it could belong to their dead husbands). I surmise I can take on any challenge in my wake, as long as its overcoming doesn't involve any sort of physical labor, since I've been sick for the last few days due to eating at a small Dutch place. Stupid Dutch, poisoning me with their Dutch pizza, and their Dutch soups. I don't even know how they were Dutch foods, they looked more American. Those Dutch, always thinking up new ideas, and recycling the old.
This journal entry certainly doesn't deserve an applause, my writing is not at its prime when I just wake up. It's 3:30 A.M. here, and I've only just woken up. I fell asleep at seven P.M. only to wake again at midnight, and once more now. This will completely throw my sleep schedule off, and have me nocturnal until I can revise it. Won't be too bad though, I figure it will give me time to play more PS3, it's much easier to sneak onto the devise when my father's asleep. I need to play it more, especially with the new Naruto game being released in two weeks, and my, well, lack of money. I'm ten-to-twenty dollars off, so I decided the best way to repair this little dilemma of mine is to sell the games I can no longer endure. I will play them all, if I can stay entertained for more than an hour, that game will be deemed fun, and moved into the fun pile, where it'll be spared the torture of being left, cold and hungry, on the walls of Gamestop. As you can guess, those that don't meet the requirement are to be sold, and their money put towards Naruto. Their sacrifice will go towards a great cause, if you ask me.
I do believe I'm done typing for now, I've got nothing else in my mind to type. So I'm off, journal-readers, thanks for reading. Or skimming. I swear, if you just skimmed this, I will find you, and drop a walrus on you. Actually, that sounds like a lot of work. I'll just give my ace walrus detective your username, and he'll track you down. Mr. Tusks has never let one get away, especially now that he has a lackey, Little Tusks. Yes, his son joined the business, and has proved a fine addition to it. I do believe he will surpass his father in only a matter of years. Ah, the walrus family. Every generation seems to get a little better than the previous, which is more than I can say of the human race. Our generations tend to lose morals and values as they progress, but gain some as well. I'm proud that our generation is more open to the homosexual community. It's sick and disgusting what those bigots have done to those good people. They're human, and their sexual preference is their concern, no one else's. If someone believes that to be wrong, they can go complain to their two thousand year old book, because no logical thinking person will give them the light of day. Now, I'm not saying Christians are idiots. Only the ones that think the Bible is the indisputable law of the universe, and that anyone different from them should be shunned, beaten, or killed.
Well, that quickly turned into a rant. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but those are my views. Try to respect them, and I'll try to respect yours.