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Artemis's Stories
Currently working on Venomous Blood Story and other shorts for the story
Blue Moth Tears: One
Its been nearly a decade since the last time I saw the suns light. It has also been a decade since I was charged with Treason. Why Treason? Well I spoke out against my commanding officer and he decided to strip me of my wings. Which is why I have skeleton like wings. My Feathery black wings burned on contact when I made it to the Demon Realm.

A painful process but I have survived through worse.

Since my exile to this hellish world, I have come to know a few of the Prisoners or Slaves if you will. One in particular is named Aoi. Her reason for being here is currently unknown, but I do know that someone like her doesn't deserve to be locked up.

"Lavender," Her voice reached my ears and I didn't have to look up to see that she was carrying something. I heard it. "What have you brought for the exiled demoness?" Her smile for once reached her yellow eyes. "The usual grub. I made sure that it wasn't poisoned or anything." I watched her as she opened my cage and brought in my meal. Every time she entered it always seemed like she was hiding something. I know she was, I just don't know what.

"Thank you," Stepping back after placing my tray down in front of me. She leaned against the bars and looked towards the door wearily. "They are bringing in another captive." She said in a little above a whisper. My eyes glanced up at her and then back down at my food. "Oh..." She nodded her head and wrapped her arms around her tighter.

"Supposedly he slaughtered a Eastern Tribe controlled by the King. He was injured when they brought him in." I nodded my head and looked up at her. She was so kind...so gentle...so naive of the world. I kind of felt sorry for her. "What was his name?" She was about to speak but was cut off by the sound of the cell doors opening. Quickly standing on the other side of my cage she shut the door and waited for me to be finished.

"Is that..?" She nodded her head and looked away as the guards dragged him in and tossed him in the cell next to mines. He looked pretty battered. "Looks like you got a roommate...hopefully you both kill one another." The guards laughed and walked out completely ignoring Aoi. "Is he dead?" Glancing over at him I watched him until I felt his body twitch just the slightest. "Nope he is still breathing." Letting out a sigh of relief she stepped away from the cage and bowed. "I will see you both later." Gathering a part of her skirt, she ran out of the room so not get in trouble.

On the other hand I turned my gaze towards the man lying on the ground face down. Laughing I brought my bread to my lips and spoke. "She is gone you can stop faking." The man groaned and turned his head to look at me. His dark eyes bore into my own green ones. "I see the great Lavender got caught by that bastard."

"And the Demon Slayer was too captured." The man turned over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. "Don't me laugh I would never let demons capture me."

"Oh really are you not in a cage Kyo Sato?" He glared at me hatred rolling off his skin.

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