I hold his hand tightly as his breath slowed. His eyes blinked and then fluttered like a trapped butterfly. I breath fast near panic, "no. ." I whispered "No! Be strong Dion! Please For me!" I leaned my head into his chest and cried. "For us!"
I glanced down at where the rest of his body was, a truck had run him over. While he was out biking. The wheel of the truck was on top of his pelvis. The truck was trhe only thing keeping him alive if we moved it he'd die. The paramedics came and looked at him, nothing anyone could do could save him. Slowly Dion was slipping away from me.I could feel his body convulse and relax a little bit more. Dion touched my face as he tried to smile. "Anita, I'm sorry. ." He coughed blood dripped down his chin and he smiled weakly. Balls of sweat gleamed on his pale forehead with effort. "I love you with all that I am." He said as if saying good bye. My eyes widen in horror. "No Dion! Stay with me." I choke, my pain becoming unbearable. His body starts to convulse and he grabbed hold of my hand. His eyes showing to my white. Someone kept whispering oh my god oh my god Over and over again and it was me. Slowly his body stops jerking around and his eyes grow dark.