I feel like something's watching me. Every move I make, every breath I take, feels monitored. I can't shake the feeling. Maybe it's the scenery, long dark hallways that continue. Doors on side leading to rooms and even more hallways. This place is huge, and we have to get to the center of it. That's where the computers are. A noise makes us all freeze. A sudden shriek, then silence. Another shriek, but on the other end of the hall. Suddenly, two demonic angels come shooting from both sides. We all dodge, shooting as the fly past us. To our surprise, they fall to the ground, lifeless. These were easier to kill, but would have never been noticed without their shrieks.
We reach the computers with no more creatures in our way. We enter and Sherry begins to take the codes off of the computer. The room is huge. I stay near Chris, walking over to the right side to check for anything hiding while Leon checks the other side. Jake stays with Sherry. The room is filled with tv monitors that are controlled by the computers. It stays silent, aside from Sherry's typing on the computer. As we grow closer to the wall, a ticking begins behind me. I turn to see something glowing on the ground. With ever tick, the light grows. The ticking gets faster. I push Chris to the floor, behind the table that was next to us, and I'm suddenly jolted backward. I hit the screens, hearing the sound of glass breaking. My head jerks back with the explosion, causing me to black out.