iknow im sorry i have not been on since dec i got a part time job this month it is bby sitting 4 twin boys 2 year olds and thay r 2 cute and mostly well behaved i get them 4 like 1 hr a day 4days a week ever other week cuz my moms friend gets them on the weeks i dont but wut ev im just happy 2 get out of the house even 4 a 1hr or so a day it has been 2 cold 2 walk 2 the libary but im hoping in the next few weeks 2 start walking 2 the libary again and i hoping the next few weeks 2 get my hair cut and donated 2 the lock of love every one shoud get thair long hair cut and donated i do every year since 04 i think i got peter pan the disney vers on dvd a few weeks age i love that movie1 of the best form disney ever my nef had his baby in jan the babys name is jace so now by a 15 year old nef is a daddy yay (not) he cant take care of him self cuz of his health and now jace is here but wut can u do it is his and his baby mamas fault mostly just as much as it is my sis and baby mamas looney moms fault and u know whut the best part is he was 14 and she was 16 at the time now he is 15 and she is 17 i have a lot 2 say about that but dont want 2 get in trouble this past friday was grama marys 90th bday it was also their the first wedding annavercry with out granmpa earl it is good 4 me 2 talk about him its been 5 months and i miss him evey day u know those cancer research center adds i have hate 4 the peeps cuz that could not help my gramps and the adds can thay can help you and 4 us it didnt help and marys had like damencha and her stupid peeping brother and his wife where the hell have thay been the last 15 years now that grampas gone now that want 2 take care of mary and not doing a good job at that and again i have a lot 2 say about gramas sich but dont want 2 get in trouble and this past sunday nite at like 6pm my aunt patty called mr and said that druwalla get lose my aunt son lives a few blocks from me so i whent out 2 look 4 her dont worry that nite soon after ahe got loose we found her suped dog rolleyes my brothers chris and ty r out of state working rob get his licens scary i know now he like nev home now we usual have my sis other 2 kids the yougest 2