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Orijutsu (Art of Soul Fabric)
Healing based: Healing techniques under Orijutsu are always to heal external injuries. Cuts, burns, and deep wounds like bullets can be healed using this technique. The user concentrates a small portion of their energy into a sheet that can then be placed onto the injured area.

Illusion based: Illusional type techniques in Orijutsu are smaller than the effects of spells with wizards or witches, however can be used in battle quickly. Illusions like invisibility, mirrors, or fake attacks can be used with orijutsu. By concentrating a small portion of one's own energy into a thin sheet, they can alter the sheets properties to confuse the enemies senses. Mainly sight, sometimes sound.

Ekijutsu (Art of Soul Crystal)
Attack based: Crystals used for attacking are temporary, and weak when hit with blunt object unless fortified over time. Using this ability allows the user to create a weapon of their choosing, size and power depending on how much energy was used to make it.

Defensive based: Crystals used for defending are also temporary, and allows hits to be blocked and sometimes even deflected depending on how much energy was used to create the shield and how large it is. The larger the shield is, the weaker it is, however the more area concentrated it is, the stronger it will be.

Healing based: Healing abilities from Ekijutsu is always used for spiritual healing, usually used for recovering lost spirit energy, or to prevent a soul from disappearing. Depending on how large the crystal is determines how much healing power the crystal has. Crystals can sometimes be hardened for long periods of times and can be worn as a necklace for future use.

Sealing based: Sealing based Ekijutsu allows the user to absorb spiritual energy from the opponent depending on how large the crystal is. A huge crystal created over time has the potential of sealing an entire soul within it, and can then be compressed for transportation, however requires a lot of skill to do so.

Kinjutsu (Art of Pyrokinetic Soul Energy)
Fire based: Kinjutsu is the art of transforming one's spiritual energy into another form of energy. Fire based kinjutsu allows the user to transform their spiritual energy into heat energy. Large amounts of energy and lots of concentration is needed to create a successful flame, and even more so to create one strong enough to be considered an attack, which is why kinjutsu is the hardest portion of abilities in zinjutsu.

Lightning based: Hardest form of energy transfer, lightning based energy in the art of kinjutsu requires a lot more concentration and a lot more power than any other form of energy. Because of it's dangers, it can easily be made into a dangerous attack, however also makes it easy for it to endanger the user and those around the user.

Wind based: The easiest form of energy transfer, wind based energy is quite simple. It allows the user to displace air quickly by moving their spiritual energy around them. Concentrated forms of this energy can be used to force attacks out of the users way, or can be used to push an opponent back. However, it is far more difficult to make this version of kinjutsu into an attack.

Healing based:Pure spirit energy can be used to heal both external and internal injuries much faster than the other versions of healing. It is far more difficult to concentrate ones own spiritual energy onto another being directly using pure energy. While the others have it in a more stable form, healing of this type is dangerous if not trained with first.

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