I'm having a prob's w/ desiding what project should I do first & what about making a business.. then what is this business is going to be & so forth. The little things like what it's name & business goals are already done, but to deside on what the business is.. it's main focus. I wanted is a all around entertainment business that goes into games,music,anime,manga,novels,gamming shop etc... I thought of just cutting it into parts like one is a fashion business that designs,makes,& sell's it's creations out of it's own shop & online too. Then there's the gamming part that I I wanted too. But the thing here is what to go forth first... I thought & planned-out what is the cost's to do each one & to my shock.. well not really... it comes to the top three choices that I want to do most of all.
1)Create a game(a basic game first)
2)Publish my Manga
3)Create a fashion line(small @ first)