The Word Games and Others forum is my current favorite place to frequent. It's fun, and easygoing.

I watched more Amnesia last night. Up to episode seven now. I'll have to wait a bit for the rest to air. When I realized the way this thing's structured, I almost laughed. I was surprised that I enjoyed the episode with boyfriend #3, Kento, the most. I suppose I find that kind of awkwardness adorable. Like a more exaggerated version of myself, perhaps. Oh gods, Sheryl, you're not relating are you? You are. Ick. I am burningly curious to find out who that man with the long, green hair is. He seemed a psycho type at first but in recent episodes he's been acting very normal, if enigmatic, in the few seconds of screentime he's had.

Ikki-san is my favorite character. My mind has decided to ship him with Kento.

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