Hello My faithful Viewer!
Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile and my about page i have.
This is actually the third time i've remade it, and i remake my about page every day; for my own reasons~

Anyway; i've been back on GaiaOnline for four days now and i'm happy to say i would like to make new friends here; whome ever they might be.
I've been thinking that making new friends is a challenge here and i'm putting forth my effort into this as much as possible.

I like Surfing the Internet; Drawing and chatting with anyone.
I have a Tumblr page for my Art.
And i go to youtube for many of my favorite music bands and tv shows.
And as for chatting, i do chat and write almost about anything either it be me trying to better someones day; or trying to understand their sittuation better.

So anyway; thank you for reading this; and i hope to get to talk to you; leave me a comment or send me a message to my mailbox here. :3 i look forward to meeting you.