"So let me get this straight." said Ajex, sitting in the discussion room of the Castle. "you are a group of Ciphers, just like me, trying to make the world a better place." "That's right." i say "so, want to join?" "sure. i want to get away from all the mayhem that I've been going through." "Excellent. lets put it to a vote." i hold up my right hand. "All in favor of leting Ajex join our organization say Aye." 4 members, including myself, responded. "its unanimous. Welcome Ajex..... you shall be instated as #V and your title shall be...... The Demon Swordsman!" a roar of cheers came from all of us as our new member drew his sword and raised it up to signify his initiation to us.

That night i was in my room undressing when i turn to see Xifft standing in front of me. "Why hello Superior." she walked into my room, a small sway to her hips as she enters. "I seem to have left something in here earlier." "Oh really?" i reply. "Yes sir. my Dark Whip. have you seen it?" "i believe so... let me find it for you." i search around and pick it up from the space under my bed. "Here it is, miss." she reaches out with both hands. i take this opportunity to spin her around and tie her hands behind her back. "Oh no!" she moans. "what ever shall yo do to me?" i smile slightly and say "Allow me to show you." i bring her to my bed and throw her face down on the bed. "You have been a bad girl Miss Nightshade." "I have?" she says innocently. "Of course. Why else would Ajex place his blade on you? you were very bad." "oh..... then i suppose i will be needing punishment then?" she wiggles her bottom, which is still in the air from when i threw her. "Yes you should. I raise my hand and bring it down hard on her rear end. "AH! Ow Superior that hurt!" she said playfully. i bring it down again and again until i see red through her black lace panties. i take them off of her and rub her red butt. "you ready?" i ask. "yes, sir." she says. i start to unbutton my pants until i hear the words "stop. wait" come from Xifft's mouth. "What?" i ask stepping away from her. "I- I don't think I'm ready to do this tonight." "Oh." i say, feeling majorly c**k-block right now. "then we dont have to do this tonight.... we can wait." "thank you, Caxias." she wriggles free from the whip bindings and curls up on the bed next to me. i lay down next to her, thinking, "yeah later. how long is that going to be?