That they can't realise how idiotic a forfeit on the last turn, prior to the final battle is?

Seriously... just had another battle where this occurred.

This player had fought valiantly, backed me in a corner... but made a couple stupid moves that let me get back into it. I was able to fight back and push them into a corner as I moved to get my 5th and 6th portals from them (backing them into a corner was in order to get the portals, i.e. they were located in a corner).

On the turn when it was obvious I would be moving in to take my 6th, they forfeit before the battle could initiate, purposefully screwing me out of essence.

That isn't the worst part, however; the worst part is this game had lasted for more than a half an hour, and they had earned nearly 1,000 essence from it. By forfeiting after all of that time... they threw all of that essence down the drain because they had a temper-tantrum... or because they were just play childish/stupid.

People need to learn to think in this game... etiquette and game play seems to be declining rapidly.