Sooo, I told my counselor about the anxiety and apparently I'm "fine" but I don't really believe it. I finally told her about how I had bulimia and how I see my body. I would have told her day one but I never really fully trust anyone I know.

I still don't trust my counselor. I just can't I don't trust people. Let alone doctors or specialists. I get so paranoid that they'll send me away, put me on medication or even worse. Tell my Mum. My mum over reacts and worries way too much for her own good. She went through my diary when it clearly said "DO NOT READ, My Diary" right on the front. So therefore I don't trust my Mum or Step Dad.

I trust my friends more than I could trust anyone else but I can't trust them fully. I've been back stabbed by almost all of them. The few who haven't I show utmost respect to.

There's a lot of things about me which no one could hope to understand but as I write these I hope you can slowly see them all.