Day 23, Insanity

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I agree, but doesn't that mean that we are all insane? Day by day we do the same things and yet we always expect a change. We hope that something, anything will happen to break us free of the monotony of our lives. At these people, I laugh. Change will only come to one in a million of these people. When you want change you have to do something, even when that something is terrifying and you have to do it alone. And when you do, people will think you are the one who has gone insane, when really it is them who have gone insane. What is viewed as normal is truly insanity. You sit and wait for things to happen to you, for things to change. That's not how the world works, not how life works. When I want a change in my life, I do something even though everyone around me thinks I've lost my mind. Every person who has ever made something out of their life, has ever achieved greatness has been considered insane at some point. This world has lost it's mind and it's way and it will be the people who have been called insane who have a chance at making it right again. So, its time to get up off your couch, become insane, and save our confused world.