Hi, Gaia!

Well, here's my first journal entry!

Guess what happened to me this morning? I woke up lazily, shuffled into the kitchen, and got myself a glass of water. I looked outside through the glass in the door. And there I saw a rainbow cat.

Yes, a rainbow cat. And no, it didn't look like a naturally rainbow-furred cat. It was I think originally a white cat, but someone had dyed its fur all the colors of the rainbow, from red on its head to purple on the tip of its tail. I opened the door. It saw me and bolted.

I have a friend who lives across the street with a few outdoor cats. One's white and looks a lot like that rainbow cat.

So I closed the door, finished the glass of water, put it in the sink, went back to sleep. It was only 7am. It's February vacation, and I stayed up late last night — not about to wake up that early. xd

So then later, when I woke up, I remembered the rainbow cat, and I messaged my friend asking her if she dyed her cat. She said, "No, my cat's been inside the house all day. And why would I dye her rainbow? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine! It seriously looked like yours!" I messaged her back. I got out of bed and started making myself a bagel. And I looked over at the sink.

Empty. Void of glasses that once contained water.

Then I realized something.

I'd just been dreaming about waking up and seeing that cat.


So I just messaged my friend that it was just a dream after all. Oops. And now she probably thinks I'm slightly insane.

Hoped you enjoyed my little fail that happened five minutes after I woke up! That's a record for me, I think. Wait... no it's not. Well, I'll tell you guys that story some other time.

That's all for now! 3nodding

With love,