Greetings Viewer
This would be my Second remake of my about page.
And if you're reading this; it means you've happened to have interest in seeking out a new friend. :3

I like Surfing the internet; and collecting items; and Drawing and Chatting.
Mostly Youtube for Music, and i've been collecting allot of my money here.
I have now... over SIX books filled with Drawings i've made over the past.
And i can talk with just about anyone.

Sometimes i talk to much; and it gets confusing, but don't worry! ^-^;; i'm just going threw tough times and i just need a friend to rant or vent about my day.
s'all good i hope...
Anyway~ that's my about page, i'm looking to updating it every day to show i'm trying to be an active member of GaiaOnline. i love this place, it's fun and full of stuff to do in my spare time...
And i'm looking to draw your character if you'll let me, just leave a message or comment and i'll be sure to get back to you A.S.A.P (i'm very quick with replying back to anyone :3 )