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Syndra Morgunia
"Your days of terrorizing end today, Okenuth! Any last words before your head is placed in my den?" - Syndra Morgunia to Okenuth, the Bronze Dragon

"Halt! State Your Business!... I Am The..."
Dragon Slayer

"You Must Be The Rookie... The Crew Calls Me..."
Syndra Morgunia

"You May Call Me..."
"... But Only From Your Knees..."

"I Carry On The Legendary..."
Morgunia Lineage

"Weapons? Ha! Glad You Asked, Rookie!"
Lucifer's Judgement & God's Destruction

"I'm A Lot Older Than You, Kid."
Seventeen or Twenty One
"Well... Depending On The Situation..."

"My First Dragon... Oh Boy, That Was Extremely Tiring..."

User Image

"The Gods Approve Of My Acts, So I Have Accepted The Gift Of Being Ascended... Even The Devil Approved..."

User Image

"Stay A While And Listen..."

It has been over 10 centuries - yes, one thousand years - since the Draconian War began and ended. Written in history onto tablets and engraved in walls of caves where the battle had happened, every little detail even if unimportant or life changing as the markings told everything. It all began when humans and dragons had first encountered one another, such small beings intriguing to the Draco eye as the humans saw giant ferocious beasts in their eyes. No violence was made between them for such a long time, peace had been found with the two races as they were allies to one another...

Or, that's what the Dragons had thought.

The humans had grown in beliefs and power over prayer or 'magic' as time had passed, weapons such as swords, maces, spears, crossbows and bows, shields, armor, etc... They had improved over time, it was incredible that they already had a fine village and more around. As time passed, human language went to the Dragons as they were able to soon speak the mortal language. In return for teaching them their language, Dragons helped hunt and aid against other fights from other races they had encountered. Sometimes, if an honorable act was done, a scale would be given to that person. It was a sign of trust and honor from that Dragon.

How did this all end, you might ask? Well, the humans had found out that Dragon scales were durable and were resistant to Mother Nature's natural elements when she would twist the weather. They were also strong enough to be created into armor and weapons, as it was rare today to remember a name and hear it, let alone acquire it. Syndra's spear is one of seven Draconian made weapons, bronze and golden scales both melted and refined to create it. The spear was passed down from father to son. Syndra, however, was an only child. Because she is a girl, she was forced to train as a Dragon Slayer to continue the legacy. Why? Well, let me tell you.

Because of religious beliefs with God and Satan, Dragons were considered demonic beings sent from hell to destroy and eradicate the human race. The humans had thought that was their plan as soon the two allies began to become distant after a few arguments had taken place. It was soon the Dragons found out they had been using their scales they both gave and dropped to turn into weapons and armor. This caused a rampage with the Dragons as the humans were going against their honorable code, ending with the shed where stored scales were. Then the humans were enraged. Thus caused the beginning of the Draconian War.

Now upon the fields where the battle took place, Syndra stands over fossils of both previous allies and enemies and rested her spear beside her. As a teenager, this was where she fought and slayed her first dragon, a dark browning green colored one as it was one and a half hour long. When it was over, she had acquired the title of Veteran Dragon Slayer since she was the first to kill a dragon for the first time in less than two hours and not die. She didn't understand but okay. As time passed, Syndra was soon appointed as an Advanced Dragon Slayer as she had slain two dragons at one after being ambushed overnight to a target location and saved her comrades. When she returned and told them, they knew there was something special about her, her father was the General, after all, and he was pretty amazing himself.

She was finally put to the test against other Dragon Slayers to acquire the legendary spear made of Bronze and Golden scales. It was called 'God's Destruction', the seventh and last weapon ever created with Dragon scales. Syndra's father had been holding it in secret for quite a while since he no longer fought, rather instructed. The battles lasted for an hour and the death match was thirty minutes, but in the end Syndra ended up as the victor. As continued with the Morgunia lineage, it continued on with her carrying the weapon. Though she was not very happy with such pressure from her parents, it was only for revenge.

Revenge? Four dragons had slain many close friends of hers and she wanted revenge. The first is the Golden Dragon Rokuun, the Dragon of Light. He was wise and cold. The second one is the Ruby Dragon Kurkoto, a temperamental and brawny Dragon of Fire. He was very hardheaded. The third is the Topaz Dragon Ginsar, a rather kind yet cruel and masochistic Dragon of Air and Water. He would mask his emotions behind his calm demeanor. Finally, the fourth and last dragon is the Bronze Dragon Okenuth, a very evil and merciless Dragon of Earth and Darkness. It is odd, since he prefers to be near volcanoes instead of ground and life, though he is the complete opposite of life. Okenuth is Syndra's arch-nemesis as he had murdered her mother in cold blood with a sadistic grin.

"Okenuth had no remorse when he murdered my mother... He will pay for his cruel act against me... Mark my words, his head will be the prize on my den and I will proudly speak of the day he was slain." - Syndra Morgunia to Crewmate

"... Other..."

Aside from the spear 'God's Destruction', Syndra has a shining red halo called 'Lucifer's Judgement' as an adult which is a channel for her powers. It was given to her by the Devil himself after she sacrificed a Dragon without any mercy for those whom had died, a sign of worship towards the Devil, and her eyes have changed from blue to red because of this. It can be removed and taken from her by force if she has submit to weakness or given it up if a request. It makes her much more stronger, durable, flexible and beautiful. When removed, she is weakened and is in immediate need of rest as her energy is in the halo. Her beauty remains, yet her charm to have someone do as she wanted is gone and she is seen as a normal human being instead of a celestial one.

Syndra's wings were given to her by the Gods themselves after she saved a child of the Lord, a little girl that was only there to test how loyal she was and if she would really protect those she loved. They are only shown when she is fighting. When she had first extended and revealed them, many immediately believe she is a being of the Heavens sent by God himself. Her father was flabbergasted but proud. 'Purifying the bloodline', he told her. On rare cases her wings would simply be extended to relax, but many would try to claim her as their own or grab her wings to cut off and sacrifice. She was always alone and out fighting because of that. Syndra only returns for missions and executions of deadly dragons. So far, there is none that has beaten her yet.

Toxic Night Blade
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