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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
duet script
Patient:___Yes, I'm in love with a doctor. What do you prescribe?
Doctor:___Who is this doctor?
Patient:___It's not you.
Doctor:___Well, I suggest you hang up the phone and call him.
Patient:___What will we talk about?
Doctor:___Whatever you like.
Patient:___I like a lot of things.
Doctor:___Talk about them with him.
Patient:___What if I can't stop talking?
Doctor:___Drink some water regularly as you talk with him so your mouth doesn't get dry.
Patient:___What if my mouth gets dry before I've been talking for long?
Doctor:___You may have a problem. Drink lots of fluid before you talk to him.
Patient:___I do have a problem. I have a heart problem.
Doctor:___What's the problem?
Patient:___My heart flutters even when I'm not talking to him.
Doctor:___Is your heart fluttering now?
Doctor:___Are you thinking of him?
Doctor:___Do you exercise regularly?
Doctor:___How do you exercise?
Patient:___I play some sports, but most of the time I'm exercising my brain.
Doctor:___Your brain? How?
Patient:___I can't stop thinking of him. And then it leads to heart problems.
Doctor:___This sounds serious. Maybe you should come to my office.
Patient:___I don't think I can do that.
Doctor:___Why not?
Patient:___I'm afraid of the doctor's office.
Patient:___It makes me anxious.
Doctor:___How did you meet this doctor?
Patient:___I had a check up.
Doctor:___Have you always been anxious of going to the doctor's?
Doctor:___When did you start feeling anxious?
Patient:___Some time after the check up.
Doctor:___Can you explain why you feel anxious?
Patient:___It's hard to explain.
Doctor:___Does this anxiety hinder your daily functions in any way?
Patient:___Maybe a little.
Doctor:___This sounds serious. Could I meet you outside of the office then?
Patient:___I'm not sure about that.
Doctor:___Why not?
Patient:___I'm scared.
Patient:___The doctor.
Doctor:___Which doctor?
Patient:___This doctor.
Doctor:___Have we met before?
Doctor:___Why are you afraid of me?
Patient:___Doctor, I'm in love with a doctor. What do you prescribe?
Doctor:___Maybe you should get some rest. Have you been drinking water?
Doctor:___Will you call him?
Patient:___I did.
Doctor:___Already? And you talked about things you like?
Patient:___I am.
Doctor:___You are?
Patient:___I listen to the doctor's orders.
Doctor:___You sound like a good patient.
Patient:___I hope so.
Doctor:___Why don't you step into my office so I can prescribe you something?
Patient:___Could you make a home visit instead? I'm too scared.
Doctor:___Alright then, one home visit for the young lady.
Patient:___Thank you. Good—
Doctor:___May I ask again who this doctor is?
Patient:___My mouth is dry and I'm out of water.
Doctor:___I'm going to have to order this information from you, ma'am.
Doctor:___This is crucial for your prescription.
Patient:___It's you.
Doctor:___Thank you. I'll make sure this goes on your record. Keep drinking fluids.
Patient:___I will.
Doctor:___Have a good day.
Patient:___You too.
Doctor:___Thank you.
Patient:___I hate the doctor. Goodbye.
Doctor:___Until my next visit.
Patient:___[Hangs up]

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