I'm going to assume right now that probably no one will read this (or maybe someone is a blue moon). Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Why is it a "man" (utter moron) or "men" (moronic monkeys) who have someone in their life tend to find a way to destroy it? I keep looking through the forums here on Gaia. In particular topics by females (as suggested per the topic) that they went from perfect to complete despair.

Like myself; I try to find someone I consider a good match. Not someone I would get my ways with sexually (which is something earned once a deep connection is made); but someone I can connect to. Talk about anything and everything without concealment. Talk about my work, where I want to go in life, what she would like to do, where she wants to get in life, and so forth. But other guys make this EXTREMELY hard and I don't understand. Besides the fact that possibly it expands on their ego to sleep around as much as possible... but why?

Yet I will admit that I have been single for over 2 years. I'm deeply involved with my work and everything surrounding it. That's the only problem with working as a IT Contractor. You can be cut off at ANY time without cause (like most jobs). So I tend to be proactive about my position. I enjoy my job without end. New challenges, new opportunities, and a look forward to my future.