Since I've reached another growing point in my life, and with all the new things I'm experiencing, I've been making life plans. Turning my dreams into reality. I've decided to join the Peace Corps. This is something I've only dreamed about since I was very young, I made a promise to myself to help those less fortunate than myself in Africa. My only problem is that I'm too tied down here, where I am. I'll have to wait for a more mellow and flexible time in my life to serve. Right now I have my apartment and my dog and my jobs and my family and friends who need me here. But hopefully after I finish four years of community college I can secure my own place and find people to handle a few of my responsibilities here in America. Then I can finally volunteer two years or my life to this wonderful program. It's so nice to finally feel myself molding into the person I will be.

It seems like such little time ago that I had hit rock bottom and had absolutely nothing going for me. I felt worthless and pathetic for not perfectly conforming to the jello-mold society places most of my generation in. I did a bit of research and was pleasantly surprised at all the opportunities that this service opens up for volunteers. I will get to experience new cultures and help those in need, learn new languages and get the help I need for my own future as well. I'm glad that I have the full support from my family and friends in this endeavor. For the first time I feel like I am engaging in something that will make my family be proud of me. I am much looking forward to this most rewarding experience in my life to begin!