Chapter 1

My story is a bit how you say.. WERID. Yet so im clear so am I.Nothing with in my life say normal and if you think I'm wrong read my storyto find out just how awesome (sarcasm) and weird it really is. So hope you enjoy how it first starts off. I know i sure the hell do.
(Again more sarcasm for the slow idiots)

Olivia felt cool hands touch her cheek. Olivia please wake up my dear. She was awake just not wanting to open her eyes. Something inside her told her not to so she laid in her fake slumber.
Doctor will she ever wake up? Doctor Yuma has been my care taker for sometime. Actually she has been my carer taker for sometime. Actually She has been my moms best friend since high school. Brenda she will be fine. The sound of Yumas faint accent was welcoming. She's very beautiful like my mom. She had raven black hair that fell into thick waves. High cheek bones due to her full Cherokee blood. With a smile that could brighten the worst of days. She still trying to gain her strength back. When she feels the need to wake up then will.
Yuma had placed a warm hand on my moms shoulder. Why don't you go get something to eat. I'll stay here and keep watch over her. Mom was going to protest by the sound of stutter, but she knew better then to argue with her best friend. Once mom had left Yuma had closed the blinds
Alright little girl no fooling me. Almost as if I was compelled my eyes burst open. So how you doing? Words had formed, but I went to speak nothing came out.
Hm? Seems to me your doing just fine.
Why did you answer your mom? Now the words that I didn't want to say came out. Shes being annoying by being here everyday. Biting my tongue at the sight of one raven eyebrow arched. Olivia everyone is worried about you that's all. Walking over to my bed sitting next to me. She was looking me in the eye. There I knew all my secrets were found out.
Yuma's family was all of pure Cherokee decent. As the years went by each generation of her family grew stronger and learned magics of many sorts. Also ranking them as the number one family out of the seven dark magic kingdoms.
Something in which i'll explain to..who ever continues reading this. Back to my doctor. She it gifted with what they call "True sight", but i call it "eavesdropping into my damn thoughts." So there was no point in me trying to lie to her sharp hazel eye.
Why aren't you eating young lady? her tone changed from warm to demanding. Once again i felt compelled to speak. Their food her sucks. Sounding nonchalant. Even her expression changed, because she knew it was true. Sighting and shaking her head causing her raven waves to dance around her.
Still Olivia. you aren't getting any stronger. her tone was back to being warm. With all the blood you have lost you don't really have a choice in the matter. I kept my eyes down at my hands chipping away at my favorite red nail polish. I know i know! Its my fault I'm even here. Shouting in my head
Yuma must have read my mind because she put her arms around me and kissed the top of my head. U-le-sa-da-i gu-ga-la-s ka-i-e-le Poor falling angle. She has called me by this Cherokee name since i was a little girl.
I relaxed at the sound of her smooth voice and listened silently to her heart beat as she hummed my favorite lullaby. Then a knock came at the door and i quickly pushed away. Great she back I groaned.
Yuma smirked. I dont think its your mom, but i do think you'll want to see who it is. Before i could say a smartass remark the person who knocked at the door walked in. My heart started racing and eyes wide when my surprise guest walked in. This time Yuma was wrong and i was right.
Because the person at my door was someone i hadn't seen since i was a little girl. they use to be my mentor my best friend, but that was all in my past. Now they were a faded memory that i would dream about. Sadly this time I wasn't dreaming and i wasn't waking up in tears.
In fact I was getting furious at the sight of him. He chuckled as if reading my mind. Well its nice to see you to. Still same feisty beautiful young lady i know. Fire burned through my body and before i could even think about it I had lunged toward the tall man standing at the side of my bed, knocking us both down to the ground.
"What the hell are you doing here Vincent!!?"
End of part one

*(Irl the nail polish is called "bloody mary" wink