Man, I hope I get this done before it hits monday. I probably would have been on sooner if I hadn't taken hours to arrange Bishop's old cage into the other birdies' new cage. I made its layout interresting so it should at least give them plenty of fun just climbing around. Had a hell of a time getting them in there though. They bite hard so I had to wear a glove and they managed to slip out of my grasp. I didn't want to hold them too tight because they are so small I could easily crush them. sweatdrop That is horrible imagery...

Anywho, starting on friday, my room mate got an entire week off. Its good for him because he's worked so hard. He drives me a bit crazy though. I have to stop what I'm doing online to talk to him or so we can turn on the TV. Its normal for us to have to turn off my computer to watch TV, but he's here more often so its a little more of an annoyance than usual. Oh well. The usual schedule will be back in no time.

In other news, my room mate also got a motor cycle. His previous mode of transportation was a scooter. Though he prefers the motorcycle, he will use the scooter occasionally depending on what he's going to do. He said he'd teach me to ride the scooter and let me use it to find work once I have. Its great, because I can't actually use the bus system where we live without getting lost. Doesn't mean I won't get lost on the scooter, but it will be cheaper to find my way back home on it. Hopefully. I can navigate a video game world without a map, but in real life I get lost going more than five blocks away stare

It has also been really cold for the past several days. I wanted to do yard work with my room mate too. I hate yard work, but I figured this would be perfect to clean up the back yard (which our neighbors like to throw trash into) and trim some ferns that have gotten way too damn big. Unfortunetly, I'd be useless in cold weather. Can't feel my fingers or toes even in the warmest gloves and shoes. I'd faint in summer weather, so I'd be useless then too... I had hoped the temperature would be right between hot and cold. The perfect temperature to work on the yard. But, no. The weather gods just wouldn't have it. Fricking assholes.