The interaction with my parents is so bipolar.
My mother talks to me like a good friend.
But when she doesn't get what she wants she talks like a witch.
She's all you don't talk that way to your mother.
Blah then don't talk to me like a bestie.
According to Susan Rowen James et. mother's parenting style is authoritative. Authoritative is when your parents have rules and expect obedience without question, and give and take is discouraged. But hello, I'm an adult already why are you still fighting me on this when we have been having this give and take relationship for like 7 years. Just because you recently see well-behaved children doesn't mean I have to be that way. AMG.
Another thing, how can I properly communicate with you if you don't talk in complete sentences I'm like what where huh AMG. Where are we going? [mom continues to say over there and points in a direction that means many things] *facepalm*
Obviously she wants to be authoritative but has become to permissive in the past and it has resulted in a child, me, that is spontaneous and creative. Well that's what my book is saying,.
Now I have a headache. Just needed to get this thought out. Comment if you're stalking me. Leave this for personal future reference otherwise.