Luther,"Barry, take off your vest."
Barry takes his off, Luther doing the same. Luther,"Put it against his wound in the front."
Barry does it while Luther puts his on my back wound. I wince when the cloth touches the open flesh. Barry positions his hands to holding both cloths. Luther takes off his belt, wrapping it around both wounds, tightening the belt, then clipping it so it stays with pressure. Barry puts an arm around me, helping me up. He grabs my left arm, laying it on his shoulders and holding my left hand to help keep me up. Barry,"Tme to get out of this h*** hole. Luther, take the lead. Make sure nothings in our way."
Luther nods, taking the lead. I try to walk faster than a normal pace, I know the danger of being in here. Barry forces me to slow down though,"Take it easy speed racer, going to fast is only going to make things worse."
He's right, but if we don't get out of here soon. Then, of all things, we take a corner into a hoard of zombies. There are too many to count. Luther is shooting at the closest ones as we try to find some place to hide from these. Barry,"There's an elevator at the end of the hall!"
Luther nods, turning and running. Barry,"Can you run?"
Probably not, but I nod anyway. We start to run and the pain grows. I feel like passing out, but we're almost there. Once in the elevator, Luther hits the button and we decend. I fall, passing out. I hear my name for a few seconds, then silence.