This is my Gaiaonline profile page of my character
If you're reading this it means that you've saw me and wanted to seek my friendship and get to know me better.
"well that's awesome!"
Anyway... about me.
I like drawing and it's a hobby of mine. however i haven't had much time to post anything on my profile or journal of what i draw; so that's why i have typed this out about my drawing skills. :3

This about page of mine will keep being remade every day to show i have interest in being new every day and also to mix up some stuff; and what my about is is going to be put into my journal; for documentation reasons of my own.
If you like to get to know an artist :3 like me; leave a comment for me; or a message in my mail box; or a friend request to get to know me better.

This has been my first about page in awhile; :3 i hope it's as interesting as finding out about me as you want to know; and for now; have a good day and hope to talk with you soon. ^_^