Let's talk about failure.

"I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don't work." -Thomas Edison

I have heard so many people complaining about how they have failed at dieting, good health, exercise, etc. and I just wanted to get across that, instead of saying "I failed, my efforts were a failure", say "Why did I fail? What can I do to improve? What should I do next time?" Thinking about it in the context of what can I do next time or what happened, how can I improve can be very helpful and inspirational. Instead of "Oh, I'm not going to have any junk food or juice for the next week" or "Oh, I can only eat this many carbs per day", say something like "I think, today, I'm going to try to not eat any junk food or juice. Instead, maybe I'll have a Cesar salad and some water. Maybe I'll get some cottage cheese and fruit too" or "Today, I am going to try to eat this many carbs, and see if I can do it. Maybe tomorrow I'll give myself a challenge, and if I fail, I'll learn a lesson". Thinking like that always makes things seem to be more enjoyable. I also like to challenge myself, saying stuff like "I am going to try to eat this many carbs, and if I go over I won't go to Gaia for a week" or something like that.

I hope this helps somebody. c: