(quest/charity) owo

after the monthly collectible of feburary came out
I had seen what items came out of the envelope
The female items were like o.o amazing and i wasnted it. But the problem is
i dont have enough gaia_gaiagold to buy it

gaia_angelleft Dew Drops is the item i seek gaia_angelright
gaia_nitemareleft I love it gaia_nitemareright
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but I can see people doing this to me already saying, " U want WHAT?!" emotion_0A0

But i can dream that i can emotion_bandaid

the lowest is 208, something numbers

and well i want to raise up the gold for it if no one will get it for me gaia_gaiagold

So ;w; Help me reach my dream and give me a small donation ? gaia_diamond gaia_diamond gaia_diamond

;w; Thank you for looking at my thread. yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi