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Tifani's Gaia Story Book I'll write stort lil stories that you can read and I hope you will like :)

Tye Shadowlynn Moon
Community Member
the night sky lit up as another thunderous creak of thunder hit.
the rain is endless
i can feel my paws becoming soak from the on going rain
i perked my ears up alil to hear if that girl was walking by
sure i heard all the stories but she's so nice
and cute to
softly licked my ash gray soaked paw
"astro" called a familar tone
"yes moma?" i called back to her, turning my head around to see a little farther into the den
slowly a skinny fox like fram came into veiw. she was the smallest wolf i have ever seen and proud to call her my mom
her soft blue eyes made her noticable, well that and her white coat. unlike all us with darker more forest colored coats
she smiled at me. "stop that day dreaming, Astro, or else i will make you sit in that rain as a boy" she giggled
i snickered a little. "oh momma will you ever stop with that?" i look at her and stood up from where i was laying
"nope, i will continue saying so till you stop day dreaming about that day" she cocked her head to the side
yes that day~ it was, the day i first saw her
yes we was little but hey she was the first human i saw in my life!
it was a wonderful summer day
the sun was shining and the sky was a great blue
i was snoozing under a tree, listening to the birds chirping
then they stopped and wispered about a fair girl walking down the path as others sang to her
in my daze i tilted my head up and twitched my ear awake to hear all the fuss
as my daze hazed passed i realised what they where saying
so i hid in a small bush close to the path to see who was causing the stir
slowly a shadow cast down the dirt path
i peered throw the bush to see two humans walking near
one was older with graying hair and her body weighing heavy (shes fatish). i smiled to myself thinging of my own grandmother for this is who the strange woman reminded me of
the other was a smaller human, a little girl about the same age as i
the small girl was beautiful, her briliant green eyes wondered around the forest floor
her golden honey braids were coming out, letting lose hair spill upon her forehead
she was clinging onto the older womans red cloak
without relising it, i was sitting on the edge of the path
the older woman stopped and nodded at me, giving a heart filled smile
"now wouldn't you like that, a sweet baby wolf is protecting us on our way home" oh yes that is what the kind hearted woman said to me. her voice like honey holding the sweet nector child in her hand
she bent down and patted my head "now wee one be carful" she was looking me in the eyes, telling me these words she speaks are for my ears not the little girl. "men are deadly and can cause more than self pain. but pain to others and their love ones. never get to close or to far." she nodded and looked at the confused golden honey child
she stood up slowly and turns her gaze to the silent child. "now may we must be gettin' home before nightfall or else the beast might be feedin' tonight" she nodded at me and held the child in hand as they walked down the path, till i could no longer see
"astro!" the call of my name snapped me back to what was really here. my mother looking at me with worry in her eyes
"astro...." she frowns at me knowing plain well that i knew how it was going to end
"momma, i has to go see her again" i smiled at her worring gaze
"momma, i knew rose since i was wee and been visiting her every now and then" her ears flattened as i looked at her. "it's safe mom, and rose isn't been feeling to well. you know that" she dropped her gaze and took in a deep breath. "be carful my son, don't get to close or to far. oh and make sure that no villager or hunted sees you... or" she took in a shaky breath. "don't get hurt" i gently licked her cheek "i miss him to mom." i smiled at her. "get going you" she lightly pawed my head and i flicked my tail at her as i left the den to face the harsh bitter cold rain.

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