Wesker takes the knife back,"Mr. Adam....do you know how long it takes one to bleed out from a knife wound?"
He looks at the monitor, letting my head drop. I look up in time to see him sticking the knife in my stomach. I yell, but it is muffled by the cloth on my face. Adam,"I told you we would give you what you wanted!"
He rips the knife out of me,"Insentive to get him here quicker."
He throws the knife at the monitor, and it becomes black. Wesker,"you two stay here with him, I have other needs to attend to."
He leaves closing the door behind him. The guards come into view, their faces covered with the stupid clown masks they now wear. One reaches down, grabbing the knife in my boot. The other lifts his mask. The face of Luther is now seen. He was put on a team with me a few years ago. He pulls out a knife, helping the other cut the ropes off of me. Luther keeps me from falling over. The other takes off his mask, throwing it. Barry Burton, of course. He looks at Luther,"Any ideas?"
"What's going on?"
Barry,"We're getting you out of here. Chris and his team are the distraction while we get you out of here."