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The Gaian Guru
Your news, from another view.
whoops I accidentally RPd in livestream I'm Rory and Amy
I lost part of the beginning ):

Rose Tyler: Oh really?
Rory: I'm a married man too!
Rose Tyler: You got married then?
The Doctor: So did you, Rose!
Rose Tyler: and we've kissed... About, what... 3 times?
Rory: yeah he's Amy's son-in-law twice
The Doctor: Don't think I don't check in on you..
Rory: through River and King Richerd, I think?
Rose Tyler: Yeah, how do you think I know why your mouth fetish has a time and a place~?
Rory: Richard or Henry?
The Doctor: That's a story for another time!
Rory: Then you went and married Queen Elizabeth
The Doctor: 900 years this get a bit... lost sometimes stories are hard to remember!
Rose Tyler: -smirks- There's a reason my husband's called Handy, and since you're practically the same man...~
The Doctor: Well, yes, but I wasn't technically married to River at that time!
Rory: Oh I do NOT wat ot hear this.
The Doctor: ROSE!
The Doctor: I don't think we need to know about you're 'bedroom activities' with my double
Rose Tyler: -laughs- What? You were the one that snogged me that time in, what was it, greece or rome?
Rory: I don't want to know ANYTHING about ANY activities.
Rose Tyler: The one with the wishing dragon thing?
Rose Tyler: and that was YOU, not your double~
Rory: Check your diary, Doctor.
The Doctor: I lost it...
The Doctor: We are practically the same person, he's just human!
Rory: What???
Rose Tyler: ((The Stone Rose has a canon kiss, btw))
Rose Tyler: ((that's what she's referring to~))
The Doctor: Well I didn't MEAN TOO it just sort of.. fell out..
Rory: Well, anyway mates, it's wel pas the waking hour in this time plane.
The Doctor: Somewhere on Barcelona.. the planet not the city.
Rose Tyler: ((He turned human again and hugged and snogged rose))
Rory: I realy should get back to my actal life.
Rory: actual wow really
Rose Tyler: And what diary?
The Doctor: ((I don't remember, sorry I am so out of it I can't even remember Who episodes XD))
Rose Tyler: Not the 500 year one you showed me?
Rory: His diary that keeps track of al his events that have happened
Rory: to he and River can keep a steady time line together
The Doctor: River will give it back to me in a few days, don;'t worry
Rose Tyler: Is this a new one or is it the one with stories about his granddaughter?
Rory: Amy says you can ground her through us if you need to,.
The Doctor: I tried to find it but she must have got there before me...
The Doctor: Maybe another time, we have dinner planned for tonight!
Rose Tyler: ((It was a book, not an episode xD But it happened and is considered canon~))
Matilda: (sooo..)
Rory: Oh Doctor, Amy would like a word,, should I pass her over or hang up?
Rose Tyler: ((Oh hi!))
The Doctor: ((ahh, any canon 10/rose kiss is good biggrin ))
The Doctor: ((Hellooo!))
Rory: ((Yoooo))
Rose Tyler: ((This turned into an RP, sorry~))
Rose Tyler: ((My bad))
Rory: ((I didn't even mean to))
John Watson: (Matilda you were supposed to be sleeping))
Matilda: (itts ok haha)
The Doctor: Eh, how long do you think she will be on for I have a dinner reservation...
Matilda: (okok)
Rory: ((I need sleep too but this was so perfect))
John Watson: ((^.^))
Rory: She says just a few moments
Rose Tyler: ((Listen to David read The Stone Rose, then, cause it's a canon Rose/Doc kiss and OMG DAVID'S VOICES FOR EVERYONE AND SCOTTISH ACCENT))
The Doctor: Alright then!
Rory: Hang on then...
The Doctor: ((Omg I need to listen to this now!))
Matilda: ?
The Doctor: ((Hehe, I see stonehenge Apocalypse XD))
Amy: Doctor?
The Doctor: Amy!
Rose Tyler: ... Amy?
Rose Tyler: Like, rory's amy?
The Doctor: How is New York?
Amy: New York is fine HOW IS RIVER
The Doctor: River is fine! Why wouldn't she be...?
Amy: I'm a mother I have my rights to wrry
Amy: No matter my time period thank you very much
John Watson: ((My color ;A wink )
The Doctor: Well, she's been a little naughty but nothing I can't handle..!
Amy: ((OH noooo hold on))
Rose Tyler: Hullo, Amy~
The Doctor: She is a grown up girl!
Amy: Yeah well that's only because she regenerated
John Watson: ((Thanks muches))
The Doctor: Rose, don't you dare gossip about me with Amy! I know what you are like...!
Amy: Hello, Rose.
Rose Tyler: Well it's your fault introducing me to everyone. Who elsecan I talk to about all the bonkers stuff you do?
The Doctor: She's been around, don't worry so much about her. I am looking after her, ditto her to me.
Amy: I'm afraid the Doctor didn't talk about you or anyone else much.
Rose Tyler: Yeah, well....
The Doctor: This is going to be disasterous..
Amy: Fun fact, I'm a few thousand years older than this boy-o too/
Rose Tyler: It wasn't an all around happy ending, there
Rose Tyler: Really?
Amy: I can catch onto these htings.
Amy: Yeah, I was stuck in HIS prison
Rose Tyler: Doctor, what have you been doing to your comaniona?
Rose Tyler: *companions?
The Doctor: Nothing! It wasn't my fault I swear!
Amy: Adverting disaster through paradoxes
Amy: and the whole universe exploding except out part
The Doctor: Well you chose to jump.
Amy: Don't think I don' remember that, Doctor.
Rose Tyler: .... You always said not to make paradoxes?
The Doctor: Don't blame me!
Amy: That was AFTERWARDS you little imp.
Amy: When is it NOT you?
The Doctor: I tried not to! You and Rory were hard to keep track og!
Rose Tyler: Blimey, and I thought human men change over time. Leave for a few years with you-
The Doctor: of*
Rose Tyler: What happened to "Don't touch the baby" and all that?
Amy: I feel old whenever I look at Vincent's artwork now because of you.
The Doctor: Well I can't help it that my friends run off when I ask them not to! You people are impossible to stop from tearing down Universe's..
Amy: It's not like I put a crack in my wall!
Rose Tyler: You wander off, too, then, amy~?
The Doctor: Time Travel will do that to you
The Doctor: I didn't either! I saved your life, Amelia Pond.
Amy: Nope, I was stuck in a huge BOX for 20 years without moving
Amy: 2000 years whoops
Amy: 47 in a faster time line once
The Doctor: Hey! You saved the world!
Amy: that's how when we got these glasses
The Doctor: And you chose to come with me, you knew what you were getting into!
Amy: Yeah and only barely thanks to you.
Rose Tyler: Uh huh.... And yeah, well, it
Amy: Not exactly!
Rose Tyler: It's amazing, you know?
Amy: It was, oh man it was.
Rose Tyler: I knew what I was signing up for, but I came anyway.
Amy: Except that cliff with the Weeping Angels
Rose Tyler: It was a better life.
Amy: or the one time I almost became one.
The Doctor: Don't let your bad memories taint the good ones!
Amy: Or the goddamn cubes.
Rose Tyler: And weeping angels? Are they like... From woman wept r something?
Rose Tyler: or*
The Doctor: ((film?))
Amy: from what now?
The Doctor: ((wait what is this? confused XD ))
John Watson: ((Missy))
Matilda: (hobbi)
Amy: OH gracious no, they're stone assassins
The Doctor: ((HOBBIT!!))
John Watson: ((What happened to sleep))
Rose Tyler: Woman Wept, it's this planet where all the waves flash-froze in the middle of a storm~
Amy: ((CRIES))
The Doctor: ((Sleep died along with our sanity biggrin ))
Rose Tyler: So GIANT waves of ice, right, like a hundred feet high
Amy: I wouldn't have a clue.
Matilda: (hobbiittt)
Laain: lol
Amy: Then one time I became half Dalek.
John Watson: ((.....Fine. ;A wink )
Rose Tyler: The Doctor took me there and we walked through the ocean under the moon.....
John Watson changed their nickname to Bilbo Baggins.
Rose Tyler: and you WHAT?
Amy: You wouldn't believe me if I had the time to tell you the hwole story.
Bilbo Baggins: Pah, your adventures sound boring.
The Doctor: I should have taken you to meet the Hobbit's, they are wonderful people!
Rose Tyler: I mean, I saved a Dalek, once.
The Doctor: Bilbo Baggins!
Amy: a dalek saved us all, and saved the Doctor too.
Rose Tyler: Met the emperor another ime
Bilbo Baggins: Doctor! Not gonna reel me into another one, are you?
Rose Tyler: time*
Rose Tyler: and Met the Cult of Skaro...
The Doctor: Not unless you want to come with me and Clara, Bilbo!
Bilbo Baggins: I think I'll stay in the shire, if you don't mind.
Amy: Doctor don't tell me you've been disturbing the peace of old Hobbit-folk, have you?
The Doctor: Bilbo just couldn't resist an adventure!
Amy: Does that mean Tolkien was a friend of yours?
Rose Tyler: ... First Arthur Dent, now the Baginses.
Rose Tyler: *Bagginses
The Doctor: Tolkien is a dear old friend, I really should pay him a visit...
Bilbo Baggins: Gandalf got here first, to be honest
Rose Tyler: Who haven't you met, Doctor?
Amy: Did you know he joined the Beatles once?
The Doctor: Only for a day, they didn't want me after I killed the alien after them!
The Doctor: They thought I was insane..
Amy: Anyway Doctor the timewaves er are star ng to mix agai
The Doctor: ((I love the Hobbit so much, who needs sleeo when you have fangirling biggrin ))
Amy: I nee t g
The Doctor: What? Amy you can't leave!
Rose Tyler: Amy?
The Doctor: Amy...?
Bilbo Baggins: Did I ever tell you guys of the day I met the most beautiful Dwarf to ever walk in Middle Earth?
The Doctor: Of course!
Rose Tyler: -laughs brightly-
The Doctor: Goodbye Amy..
Red Robin: ((Laughs evilly))
Rose Tyler: -hugs The Doctor-
The Doctor: -hugs Rose-
Red Robin: (9Sorry I just really need sleep))
Rose Tyler: ((Go sleep~))
Red Robin: ((I'm getting clothe for the first time in ever tomorrow))
Rose Tyler: ((yey~))
Red Robin: ((Thanks so mucchh))
The Doctor: ((Goodnight :] ))
Rose Tyler: ((sweet dreams, pond))

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