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Bonded Ties
Animal misconceptions
So I was out today having dinner with my family and hubby, when for some reason my brother and I got into the topic of monkey's and other primates. We had a lengthy discussion, or rather childish argument, about whether or not chimpanzee's were monkeys. For the record, they ARE NOT. Yet he kept insisting that they are monkeys and was adamant about stating that they are still monkeys [even though I kept telling him they are not, they're apes]. >.>

Anyway, he is the kind that doesn't like to admit when he is wrong even when the evidence is right in front of him. So it was pretty much useless of me to argue with him, but since I knew I was right and he was wrong, I kept up with the pettiness of the argument.

Dinner aside, and the randomness of our back and forth match across the table, I came realized I have several pet peeves involving people's misconceptions about animals. I have many, actually, but to list them all on here would be too big of a list.

So here are a couple of huge pet-peeve tuggers that get me wanting to wring somebody like a wet towel:

The "monkey" one
All monkeys are primates, but not all primates are monkeys. This means chimpanzee’s, which are apes, are NOT monkeys! Monkeys have tails. Apes do not!

Wet dog
Let your dog lick your entire face, their saliva is sterile and clean anyway, yus? Ew, NOO! It's actually thick with microbes, and can actually have nasty bugs that can make you sick, like say, salmonella! Want fido licking you now?

"Look, a spider! Man I hate insects!" I hate when someone say's that... spiders are arachnids, NOT insects! Insects have six legs, antennae, and some have wings. Spiders [and other arachnids such as scorpions] have EIGHT legs, NO antennae, and NO wings!

9 lives
Cats always land on their feet, right? WRONG! Sure, they can twist and turn their body even while they fall, as cats are quite nimble, but it doesn't mean they will always land perfectly on their own four feet!

Smells kinda fishy
Dolphins are NOT FISH!!! They are mammals! Mammal’s cares for their young, nurse them, are warm-blooded, and breathe oxygen; all dolphins do! Same with whales, walruses, and seals!

Lastly... *chirp chirp*
Feel free to place that baby bird back in its nest if it fell out. Mama bird won't abandon the baby just because you touched it, like so many people believe she will!

I haven't written a random and sorta late-ish night blog in a while. And an animal topic is always a fun one for me, so weee!
Time for sleep. x.x

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